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    Former GTA Developer’s Blog Taken Down After Rockstar Complaints

    Former Rockstar North developer Obbe Vermeij had been enjoying a few weeks of sharing some decades-old tales. Reminiscing on his…
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    Get All The Mainline Resident Evil Games For Just $35

    Have you been wanting to play (or replay) all of the main entries that make up Capcom’s long-running horror series,…
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    The Skyrim Modding Community Has Its Own Deepfake Porn Controversy

    The Skyrim modding community is currently embroiled in its own deepfake porn controversy, with popular modding site NexusMods and AI…
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    Yes, Morph Was Confessing Feelings For Wolverine in X-Men ‘97

    The season finale of wildly popular new animated series X-Men ‘97had Morph, the non-binary shapeshifting mutant of the titular superhero…

    Relax the mood, release pressure: games are a good way of entertainment, can let people from the busy life and work temporarily free from the mood, relax and reduce pressure.
    Exercise thinking and reflexes: Many games require strategic planning, decision making, and quick reflexes, all of which can exercise the player’s thinking and reflexes to some extent.
    Social interaction: Games are also a social activity, and players can make friends through games, work in teams, and even participate in some offline gaming parties to increase social interaction.
    Improve concentration: Some games require a high level of concentration, which can improve the player’s concentration to some extent.
    Provide knowledge and education: Some games, such as puzzle games and historical simulation games, can also provide a wealth of knowledge and education to help players expand their horizons and learn more information.

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      Modern Warfare III Maps Removed Due To Deadly Spawn Points

      After players found themselves being endlessly slaughtered in “death pits” littered around certain Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III maps,…
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      Red Dead Redemption Looks Surprisingly Good On PS5, But Not $50 Good

      The first thought that came to mind when starting Red Dead Redemption on PlayStation 5 is how well the 13-year…
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      steam spring sale guide, survival exploration discount recommendations!

      Spring sale selection, old kiddo to solve your confusion! The steam spring sale from March 16 to March 23, the…
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