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FPX take on EDG, both S Match champions, but there’s a world of difference!

The LPL Spring Games are in full swing and the S11 World Champion team EDG is in great shape, topping the standings with 12 wins and 2 losses. 18 March will see EDG take on FPX and the domestic professional gaming forecasters are extremely bullish on EDG for this match, giving FPX an index of 10.04 and EDG an index of 1.05, giving EDG a great chance of winning.EDG’s performance so far has exceeded the expectations of many players. As we all know, the new season has seen the departure of EDG’s double C players Scout and Viper, and the retirement of top single Saint Gun to the second line. The change of blood in all three positions did not stop EDG’s advancement. The reason for this is that Ale, a well-known top singles player, has grown up quickly in EDG, and not only is he reckless, but he has also become a label for himself. Fofo’s mid-single player has also performed beyond everyone’s expectations, with assassin heroes such as Akali and Fox having a very high standard, and in EDG’s last match with strong rivals OMG, Fofo’s Akali won the MVP while leading EDG to victory over OMG.

The new ADC player, Leave, is becoming more and more dominant under Meiko’s guidance, especially with an impressive hand of Zelie. As one of the top players in the LPL, Jiejie has been in great form this season, winning many MVPs with heroes like Monkey and Azure.

FPX, who are also S-League champions, are in a rather awkward position, at the bottom of the standings, and are not in the playoffs. Like EDG, FPX has been reshuffled with LWX as the core. But as a whole, FPX is far behind EDG, and it’s hard for FPX to have players to step up to the plate. Perhaps FPX can take a cue from their previous tactic of beating RA with their mid laner Fire Girl, and perhaps they can catch EDG off guard and win.

Apart from the match between EDG and FPX, there will be another match between LNG and IG. Domestic professional gaming forecasters have LNG at 1.20 and IG at 4.57, with LNG having a better chance of winning.

IG have lost the edge they had at the beginning of the season, and in their last match they were defeated by a relatively weak NIP.

LNG proved that they are still one of the galactic warships in the LPL, especially the veteran Scout who was in great form and was the second MVP in a row against RA.

Guys, which two teams do you think have a better chance of winning that day?

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