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JackeyLove fails to make the list! European and American commentators choose the top 10 LPL players

With the arrival of the tenth anniversary of the LPL, the selection of the top ten players on the tenth anniversary of the LPL has become a very important thing for the LPL this season. The LPL is a very important part of the world. And just recently, in a well-known talk show in Europe and America, former LCK English stream commentator MonteCristo and tournament commentator Thorin gave their personal views on the top 10 LPL players, and also selected their own top 10 LPL players. The ten players are Uzi, Xiaohu, Meiko, Ming, Scout, knight, Rookie, Smile, Clearlove and Xiao Tian.

It’s not surprising at all that Uzi made the list, and in the LPL, Uzi has a high reputation for being a top 10 LPL player. Although Uzi wasn’t able to win the global finals, his influence is very big in the LPL and even in other regions. The fact that European and American commentators have placed Uzi in the number one spot is actually a reflection of Uzi’s influence in other regions.

It’s not surprising that Tiger is on the list, as he, like Uzi, has not won the Global Finals, but his MSI triple crown achievement and the honour of winning MSI titles in different positions is unprecedented. So it’s not too much to call the current Tiger the number one MSI player. Also at Worlds, Tiger’s MSI glory is enough to get him on this list.

It goes without saying that Meiko, the first Grand Slam player in the LPL, is also one of the most mentioned players in this poll of the top 10 LPL players.

Also a Triple Crown winner at MSI, it makes sense for Meiko to be on the list.

As the heart of EDG, Scout has won many titles and accolades in the LPL, as well as being the FMVP of the World Finals once. It makes sense for him to be on the list.

Knight is a bit controversial as he is a strong individual player, but he still needs to prove himself in terms of accolades.

As the first mid laner to win the LPL Global Finals, Rookie has made a whole new history for the LPL with his iG. Combined with Rookie’s decade-long excellence, it makes sense for him to be on this list.

The legendary ADC player who gave the title of C to AD. Although Smiles is a very “ancient” ADC player, his influence in League of Legends at the time was still very strong.

Although he didn’t win the Global Finals, his other tournament titles are still among the best in the LPL. And apart from the accolades, the influence of Factory Leader in the LPL was also very great. One Uzi, one Factory Manager, these two men are still at the top of their game today.

S9 Global Finals Champion, FMVP player. If you can win the Global Finals championship and FMVP, you should be qualified to be on the list, right?

Finally, it’s interesting to note that MonteCristo originally wanted to put JackeyLove at number eight, but Thorin denied it. MonteCristo then added his reasoning, saying that he thought Xiaotian was better than JackeyLove in the domestic LPL. This is why Xiao Tian is on the list and JackeyLove is not.

Finally, guys, how do you rate this list of top 10 LPL players from European and American commentators?

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