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War of the Royals attacking cards are constant, Boars, Royal Giants have been the mainstay

I’m Panda, a rookie in the War of the Royals (actually, a three-year-old rookie), and I hope you’ll pay attention and support me!In the game of War of the Royals we can find some card problems, we often use the offensive cards are constant! Every time the official launch of a new card, these new cards will always receive the attention of the players, and indeed will be particularly high in a certain period of time! But after time, we are still using the same attacking cards like Boar Knight and Royal Giant! The same old decks we’ve been using all along! Today we’re going to talk about the main attacking decks that we use all the time, and see if they’re the same as yours!

Boar Rider When it comes to Boar Rider it really is a story. I’ve been playing since 16 years ago, and the kryptonite level of the Royal War is quite high, so the quality of the cards on my side of the table has not been good.

My Boar Rider is now level 11 and deals 318 points of damage every time it hits the tower! The holy water consumption of 4 points is a very good card! The “Speedy Pig” game is very popular these days, and the core card is Boar Knight!

So Boar Rider has been in use from the low to the high end of the game, and is a constant in the game as the main offensive card faction.

Royal Colossus Like the Boar Rider, the Royal Colossus is also a card that has only the defensive tower in its sights! Now my Royal Giant is a level 10 card with a holy water cost of 6 points, which is 2 points more than the Boar Rider! But in return, you get a huge fatty with 2800 blood! Each time it hits a defence tower, it can deal 279 points of damage!

The Royal Giant is also the main offensive card in most players’ hands, often using the Yellow Giant as the core of their deck!

The way to counteract both types of cards above is very simple, we just need to have a construction card in our deck when we build our deck! For a low holy water deck, I would suggest a building card like Cannon! If you want to do more damage with your construction deck, I recommend Inferno Tower!

Barbarian Siege Cone The Barbarian Siege Cone is a card that I’ve found to have a high rate of play since my return! You can also say that the damage is not bad, the 4 points of holy water consumption can be exchanged for the direct damage of the engineering pile on the defensive buildings, and after the siege cone is broken there will be two barbarians out for output! I’m personally quite optimistic about this card.

There are many good offensive core cards in the game, but the above mentioned cards such as Yellow House Giant and Boar Knight are the ones that most players have played in the War of the Royals! I’ve been playing these cards since I was 16 years old and they haven’t been eliminated since.

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