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Fifth Personality mailman pinning? You’re kidding, it can still hold 198 seconds against the top broken wheel!

The postman, a player-designed character in the fifth personality, has a very pleasing skill set and image. In previous professional matches, the mailman was once a non-ban must-have character due to the multiple letters with different functions that could play a strong supporting role at different times of the game, especially the acceleration of the gate opening brought by the letter of hope.But after that, the overall revamp of the talent page, especially the impact of new talents such as Muscle Memory, and multiple rounds of nerfs to the mailman himself, caused him to fade out of popularity. However, his status cannot be ignored, and despite being a soft support, many letters bring teammates and himself no less than some talents to the table in terms of gain buffs. Moreover, its letter dog pounces on the hustle can also play a role in the hold and even ob link, compared to other deciphering position can have more space to hold.

In the second round of the Fifth Personality COAVI China Qualifier Group B loser, GW vs Gr, Gr surprised the team by pulling out a mailman and forming a double assist system with the priest. gr-AK’s superior personal holding ability and grshadow’s spiritual channel assist made the mailman hold for 198 seconds under the top round breaker and finally managed to get four out! After successfully breaking the game in back-to-back draws, Gr eventually double camped and ran to complete his revenge against GW.

Let’s follow the game to see how this “old friend of the game” is doing in the current version. In the picking session, the breakers successfully gambled on the postman’s position, intending to use it as a breakthrough for the chase. In the early stages, the postman was deftly held in place by the long window, and the messenger dog also hit and successfully pulled away. The priest had already opened up a secondary lane in the middle of the field by the time he got two layers of spikes on himself, and in the end the broken wheel could only take down the mailman with a flash.

With the postman hanging on and the priest cipher pinned, it looked like Wheelbreaker was about to flip but the priest saved the man without injury and opened up the vertical lane to give the postman enough room to hold again. The postman then circulates between the first and first floors, using the priest’s assistance to stall the deciphering time!

The wheel-breaker was able to force him out of the area, and the postman managed to pre-empt the pessimistic damage by using the flywheel effect in the large open space again. Finally, with only half a cipher machine left, the Broken Wheel square pegboard hit sends the mailman into the basement. At this point the mercenary finally appears and saves the mailman, and after rushing out of the basement with the help of the danger, the cipher machine is deciphered and a four-man open door battle is reached.

Seeing that the situation was not good, Wheel of Fortune chose to pursue the postman, intending to eliminate him before looking for a chance to keep the game even. But after the Postman once again relied on solid fundamentals to avoid the tease, the Priest’s extra-long lane was ready! The extreme spike board also failed to restrain the postman, and eventually the Survivors went out in one piece to complete a four-out led by a double assist.

In the third game, Gr-SuperRich also lived up to expectations, surprisingly catching the Crybaby in a mission to stay one, easily dealing with the situation when the opposite side had a four-out high pressure, with Ghostfire getting the opportunity with many accurate hits, and two sets of double down to amplify the advantage again, eventually completing the four-catch one by one, far exceeding expectations to complete the mission.

After this battle, Gr successfully took revenge on GW to advance to the next round. GW also showed off their flexible and versatile “philanthropist” system, so look for them to turn the tide against the wind in the resurrection match!

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