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The hotel should have been banned from receiving minors

Although the relevant parties have stressed in various forms that illegal reception of minors in e-gaming hotels is strictly forbidden; also despite the fact that illegal reception of minors in e-gaming hotels has been interviewed, warned and even punished, but because of the profitability, there are loopholes to exploit, some e-gaming hotels put the relevant laws and regulations to the back of their minds, depending on the healthy growth of minors as a child’s play, only care about making money, regardless of the consequences, to try to test the law, the wind to commit crimes, change the The time has come to rectify the situation and to ban them strictly. The actual fact is that it is a good idea to have a good time, because it is long overdue for someone to take care of the “illegal reception of minors in gaming hotels”.

The area of the gaming room in professional and non-professional gaming hotels is prone to problems such as minors being addicted to the internet and is not suitable for minors. The “illegal reception of minors in gaming hotels” is harmful. It is important to strengthen the bottom line management and prohibit e-gaming hotels from receiving minors in violation of the law. E-gaming hotel operators shall comply with relevant laws and regulations and shall not allow minors to enter the e-gaming room areas of professional e-gaming hotels and non-professional e-gaming hotels. Accordingly, professional e-gaming hotel operators shall hang a no-entry sign for minors at a prominent position at the entrance of the hotel; non-professional e-gaming hotel operators shall set up e-gaming rooms on similar floors and designate an e-gaming room area, and hang a no-entry sign for minors at a prominent position at the entrance of the e-gaming room area. The hotel operator shall display a map of the gaming room area in a prominent position at the front desk and in the room management system.

At the same time, e-gaming hotel operators should clearly inform consumers in the booking and check-in process that they do not receive minors in the e-gaming room area; if they carry out room booking through e-commerce platforms, they should remind consumers in a prominent way that they do not receive minors in the e-gaming room area. The e-commerce platform operator should verify the e-gaming hotel tips information, shall not allow to hold a minor ID card booking e-gaming room.

In order to effectively “ban” minors from entering the gaming room areas of professional and non-professional gaming hotels, gaming hotel operators should check and truthfully register the valid identity documents of the lodgers. Non-professional gaming hotel operators should strictly implement the relevant provisions when receiving minors, asking for the contact information of the parents or other guardians of the minors, the identity of the people staying in the room and other relevant information; if they find that there are suspicions of illegal crimes, they should immediately report to the public security authorities and promptly contact the parents or other guardians of the minors.

It is the common responsibility of the whole society to do a good job in protecting minors. I look forward to the early introduction, early implementation; before that, the parties concerned to strengthen publicity, schools, families and social parties to clearly cooperate, timely communication, and thus the “notice” spirit to the letter, the protection of minors to the letter, there are orders, there is a ban on more than the gaming hotel in accordance with the law to investigate and deal with severely, not The “Notice” will be implemented in a timely manner.

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