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Big talk 2: guardian to change an exclusive awakening seaside arrangement, the god beast was also flipped back then

Really handy can be, this little gopher hit 340 points. There are a lot of players who should have done the 300 ring copy, and as long as they have done it, then 100% they are sure to come across this little tidbit of gopher play. However, there are many players who don’t know that there is also this merit value that you can get with more than 300 points.An old iron shared that today was really the happiest day to play the game, upgrading 2 level 8 gems at once. The actual fact is that you’ll be able to have this chance to get a god beast. In the middle, only two gems failed, everything else succeeded, which once again increased the value of the character.

The first reaction to seeing the properties of this pair of level 10 shoes is what, no way, absolutely no way. Powerful this a pair is enough, other dislike deadly streak on the line. This is 10 years ago a berserk attribute 70 shoes, to be honest, 10 years ago really have a lot of incredible attributes, I do not know why later on less and less, now can not see.

The seventh level amulet, increase strong gram effect, no attribute damage, quality 979, the bottom is also more extreme. But this refinement is really a bit hard to read, enhancing chaos, enhancing sealing, enhancing lethargy, which are top human attributes.

The owner of this mask said that he heard many players say that the old number used to have a lot of superb equipment, so he thought and thought. Finally one day a character came to mind and a mask was found. Strength required, additional attack, plus agility, anti-seal, attributes for additional speed and combos. Some players gave 5 bits, not sure if it was true or not.

One player sent in this bull picture asking how this sword elf summoner came to comprehend the Godsend skill. The sharp-eyed friend will see at once that it is not normal, how the Yi Jin summoned beast comprehends stealth. If you want to get the skill of stealth, then you have to change the original five elements, and you can only learn a Cang Hai trick first, then learn stealth. The key is that this summoned beast only has one skill grid.

Players say that this monkey is considered an iron-headed awesome, and last time it topped 3 times 6 grid failures and never moved again. Today it finally gave the 6th grid on the 15th gathering of prana. What kind of level is this, 15 polyjuice pills to open up 6 skill frames for the monkey. In the last last cattle figure, a player came out with a pair of level 5 senior summoning beast support lotus. There are many old iron pity why not upgrade, a step heaven. Today this old iron only used 10 padded divine weapons to upgrade to level 6 lotus root silk step cloud crawler, only this is low level summoned beast support, so the idea must be there.

This player takes a look at the ashes level players, like to guard, especially nostalgic. Some people feel too bad, in case one day to all guards to an exclusive awakening, that proper seaside arrangements. The divine beast was also so hanged back in the day, and finally flipped. There are also some players who say that guardian and divine beasts are not a concept of summoned beasts. The divine beast is among the top items, and no more development is too much. The guardian, on the other hand, is in a position that is not on the top end of the summoned beasts, at most the growth is slightly higher than the ordinary summoned beasts, and if you strengthen it a little easier to lift the nest of the divine beasts. There are no ashes players, see what guardian is still missing.

This top god everyone knows, very like to cultivate the ultimate skills of the transformation of no, but, recently was a divine beast sword troubled for a long time. This divine beast cultivation ultimate have more than ten times, which is not lacking in the emergence of skills such as big spring, Zixu absolute. But the transformation of nothing is far away.

Recently this divine beast sword is finally was cultivated ultimate skill to make no, immediately the whole area players are sent 666 blessing, see the cover for this really paid a lot. It is not said that a few days ago to withdraw from the first team, how and repair the ultimate skills, the mind of the gods please do not guess.

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