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Who understands the suffering of V8 players? You can’t know what it’s like to spend money on these games, and you can’t know what it’s like to have zero kryptonite.

In the king’s glory, V8 players are generally seen as a symbol of wealthy people, many people feel that people who can rush to V8 have a superior family, and some people use their imagination to feel that they are not doing their job or the family has a thousand golden ladies, anyway, after playing the game for so long, I found that many players are with colored glasses to look at V8 party.

If you look at the profile of any V8 player in the game, you will find that they give the impression of being very powerful! Basically, they’re all kings of glory, and they have all kinds of collectible and legendary skins in their skin library, which is really enviable. The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of the most popular and popular items on the market.

1. play well, teammates guess you are a daily will play the game of reality waste. If you’re not playing well, your teammates will laugh at you for being a fool and having too much money and no skills to get NT.

A lot of V8 players in the game wonderful group battle kills, not only will not be teammates praise but will be teammates verbal harm, think they steal heads. If you don’t play well in the game, you’ll be worse off, either by saying that you’ve made so much money for nothing or by being sarcastic about how you got to be a king, or by hiring a trainer to play for you, right? This phenomenon can often be encountered.

2. want to find a serious game CP, people only think about whether you will give him a skin.

It is no longer strange to find a game CP, but strange is always the distance between people. Own is V8 often receive information asking for gifts, many think they have a good relationship CP you do not give him to send the skin will be a word to delete you, you say how sad?

3. bring not fly very easy to take the blame.

The game with the real friends, lose that even friends look down on! These so-called friends are even the same as those online, speculating whether you are a person who can just brag.

4. Easy to be targeted.

The game is also easy to be targeted by the enemy, many people are not used to seeing how dazzling the skin on the V8, in the loading screen to remember who is the opposite V8, go in after the whole game around the V8 fight. If a V8 party dares to play a hero like Luban, it will hit even harder.

5. V8 players are extremely lonely.

Because of the above reasons, V8 players are more lonely inside. Not only is it difficult to find friends in reality, but it’s also difficult to find genuine CP in the game! In the end, they feel that it’s better to do anything than to be alone, and they prefer to rank alone, and they prefer to team up with single and medium singles, because they are really afraid to team up with others.

In summary, we can understand that in fact V8 is not necessarily a halo, but V8 will bring a lot of game pressure, which for players who rarely top up in the glory of the king, it is often difficult to understand the pain they have to find. Therefore, we should take the initiative to care for V8 players in the game! From time to time, send them a skin quietly, send children a warmth from the mature world.

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