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LOL: The secrets of the whole league are in his head, the entanglement of the demon girl and the royal son he also knows?

The two most exciting parts of League of Legends, one is the creation of this game, allowing many players to become a summoner here, where they compete together, have fun with their friends and take note of their youth, and I have to feel that those days are already hard to go back to.The second part of the game is that it creates an extremely large world view, each hero has his or her own unique story, which can be as lonely as Kasha surviving alone in the void for so long that she has forgotten time. There are also stories that are beautiful, like the love story of Kasumi and Luo, whose voice and dialogue we can’t help but like no matter which platform we see them on now, probably because we long for it.

But just like every one of us in reality, we all have some secrets, some that we may never be able to tell, and the heroes of the league have them all. And there is one person who knows all the secrets of the League, and he is the “Raven” Thoughtin.

He was loyal to Noxus, so loyal that he was willing to become a lapdog to protect the land. He was a very wise man, using his wits to lead his opponents into a trap in the war, but he could not recover from the huge disparity in numbers and was badly beaten by the swordsmen. Also because of his wisdom he knew that he could not resent the people of other lands, what he needed was to protect Noxus.

When the raven, representing death, came to him, he did not fear it but drove it away, gaining the Devil’s Eye. His broken body did not give him the strength to go into battle, but he began to study the immortal fortress of Noxus, and eventually he manipulated the ancient power to learn the secrets of the whole Alliance and used it to become the supreme ruler of Noxus.

Even though he became the supreme ruler, he still had to wage war with the outside world, and in the official comic “The Emperor vs. Is the Prince actually a doppelganger of the Demon Princess?

We can’t find out exactly where the Emperor is, but now the Emperor may have actually become the Demon Girl, as they both stand in the same position in the game. Even the new hero, Neko, says when she meets the Emperor, “She looks like a boy, she needs to get used to it.” Why would the emperor say such a thing when he is already male? I’m sure you can guess why, but I’m sure that’s all in the eyes of Thinking.

Thinkin knows the secrets of the whole league, and so does the emperor, no, it might be time to call him a siren. What do you think about this?

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