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TES pre match posters messing with people’s minds? Explicitly showing BLG shutting down, but the fans disown it!

March 18 saw the League of Legends LPL regular season matches of WBG vs NIP, RA vs JDG and TES vs BLG. These three games were full of action to say the least, but in terms of the best showdown, the top matchup was TES vs. BLG, followed by WBG vs. NIP.

Why is that? As players who have seen TES play recently will know, TES’ recent form has been a bit outrageous, having lost three straight to TT. At a time when everyone thought TES was a sure win, they played their most show-stopping game and the level of spectatorship skyrocketed. In this match against BLG, TES’s pre-match poster was very interesting, with the theme “Shutdown”, after all, BLG is a small breakaway station!

TES’s poster could be said to indicate that BLG should just turn off their phones and be done with it, but to our dismay, TES fans disagreed, thinking that TES’s poster was a hint that we should turn off our phones and not watch? Because of the previous game, TES has now made many fans are afraid to watch the game, not to mention the coach’s problems, the player’s state problem is the biggest, playing strong team to lose understandable, losing weak team is really no reason to speak.

The prediction index of TES is 1.50 and that of BLG is 2.60. From this data, TES’s chances of winning are still relatively high, but many netizens feel that this may be the most likely time for elk to win against Ah Shui. The second is the wild-card encounter, a wild core and a rhythm. All in all, this is definitely one of the best games on the show, so don’t miss it!

Next is the WBG vs NIP match, as long as there is TheShy the player on the field, WBG’s match is also full of all the unknowns. From the pre-match prediction indices given by professional gaming prediction platforms, the prediction index for WBG is 1.10, while the prediction index for NIP is 7.00. It is clear that most players are still more optimistic about WBG, as NIP is relatively weak, ranked 13th and with a 4-9 record.

This game could be a handful for WBG, as long as the players keep their usual form. After taking down OMG last time out, WBG are still in good shape. On the other hand, NIP will have to come up with a black lineup to have a chance to blow up.

The last match is RA vs JDG, now JDG’s understanding of the version is obviously much better, against LNG’s game you can see that the AD position is a bit stronger in terms of Carry ability, plus this version is more suitable for the ruler emperor, for JDG is undoubtedly a big strengthening ah! From the prediction index given by the professional gaming prediction platform before the match, RA’s prediction index is 10.04 and JDG’s prediction index is 1.05.

This data already shows that JDG is likely to eat RA, after all, the strength is here, plus Xiao Le Yan has no fighting power against Kanavi, which is even worse for RA. The lower lane, needless to say, will be difficult for Assum to play against a player like Ruler Emperor.

So, who do you think will win these three matches? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

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