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More people than monsters? The Magician’s Handbook 2 opens up a new generation of youth

More people than monsters? The Magician’s Handbook 2 opens up a new generation of youth.It’s no secret that just a while ago, Magic Handheld 2, which has been giving away rocket viewing gifts and drawing cash bonuses in the circle, finally launched its peak test as promised. The game has more than hundreds of thousands of reservations during the promotional period, and it’s no exaggeration to say that after the number of people on the same screen is fully opened, there are more people in the field than the number of monsters, where you can still see the look of the monsters, take a look at the screen full of dense player IDs. The game is a great success, especially after choosing the classic 2.5D perspective of the end game.

Unlike the endgame, Magic Hand 2 is currently only available in four options in terms of professions: warrior, mage, sorcerer and dark lord. The warrior, as always, conforms to the traditional settings in RPGs, being well-rounded and balanced, able to fight and resist, with both offense and defense. With the signature skills of Raging Strike and Storm Strike, the output is considerable, but with the Dark Lord as the first output, the warrior’s function is more to hold up the front row of the team, acting as a meat fighter. The overall strength of the warrior is not to be underestimated, with a very high vitality, more suitable for new players.

The mage as the first echelon of magic output hand, loved by female players, long-range means of attack to make the mage seem farther away from the danger, but the body is fragile, by a large range of aoe or siege when the easiest to be second. The mage is certainly cool, but only if you have confidence in your positioning and remember to protect yourself.

The combination of strength and face value of the Dark Lord is categorically ahead of the other three professions. The name Dark Monarch sounds really domineering, and high burst damage physical moves and gorgeous strokes, more suitable for single combat, so that the Dark Monarch is not the slightest lack of output, is considered a well-deserved copy of the game king.

The last kind is the sorcerer, sounds like the sorcerer and mage difference is not much, the positioning of the sorcerer is an all-rounder, but compared to the characteristic skills of the mage thunder hurricane this kind of high explosive spells, the sorcerer is more inclined to summoning and buff gain techniques. It is the buff stacker when teaming up for a copy, increasing blood, lowering boss defense, allowing teammates to become more fierce while they can also touch the fish more easily, loved by players.

There were many players during the peak test, and players of all professions were everywhere, making it the best time to team up and socialise in the game. It’s great to see an old game come back to life, which is a blessing for veteran players anyway. Moreover, in terms of quality, the current experience of Magic Handbook 2 is not bad and it is worth investing time to keep trying the waters again. While the quality of the graphics has been upgraded, the game has also taken advantage of technical upgrades to fully optimise the combat experience. Compared to the classic painting style, Magic Hand 2 has a freer perspective on the battles, a more concise and reasonable layout, and more realistic skill feedback. During the testing period, the official feedback from players on various issues will be optimized in the subsequent versions, and the project team will also continue players’ opinions to make “Magic Hand 2” better and better.

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