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Is there a crossover in Heavy Gear 2R? Watch as Gen 3 Sabertooth slays Gen 2!

This time we are sharing with you Heavy Gear Solid 2 – Blood Stained Chariot (Sabertooth Edition). The game is a single-player game that came out at the end of 2011, 2012, and it’s a lot of fun, because a lot of people like it, and it’s been changed into a lot of versions.Heavy Gear Solid 2r.6 major professions This work is the same as the original start screen, the difference is mainly in terms of occupation, and the original version of the same 6 professions, the difference is that the original wrestler into the transformation of the hunter, should be the author specifically designed for sabertooth occupation. We didn’t hesitate to choose Sabretooth as the main character and start the game.

The plot is saved After the opening game, we fought with the Marauder boss (PS the main character has an oral disinfectant in his weapon, remember not to use it, don’t ask me why I know) and were undoubtedly killed, but were saved by the people of the town.

After the plot we can move freely, we first go to the ground floor, there is a white haired NPC on the ground floor, we talk to him and tell us that the owner of the garage has gone to El Nido, the upper right corner of the map. Here we have to find the owner of the garage first, so we can get the chariot.

Growing up Once outside the house, we head up to the top of the town, where there is a side quest to clear the rubble (PS important: subsequent repair of the house, and side quests to buy equipment). After completing the mission, you will be given experience for the main character, and you can probably level up 3-5 levels. The main character, Sabretooth, is quite tough, with an initial life of 1000, HP growth of 90, wrist strength of 2, stamina of 3, agility of 5, and a growth of 2 in both combat and driving levels. Compared to a traditional hunter, all aspects are greatly enhanced and the HP is basically doubled, so here I just want to say, not bad for a sabertooth! Once that was done, we scoured the town of Mardor and then set off for the next town.

Before we get to El Nido, it is recommended to save and brush the big soldier at the entrance of El Nido. After you brush the shotgun, the main quest of going in will be much better, especially if you don’t have enough levels, it is highly recommended to brush the big soldier at the entrance.

Once you have the shotgun, go in and plot a few times to fight off the marauders, after which a burly man appears and takes us to the basement, inviting us to join the Sinuk regiment, after we meet the leader, we learn that the requirement to join the regiment is 5 marauder heads. Once outside, at the inn, there are 3 marauders inside, save the captured woman by the way.

After taking out the 3 marauders, we follow the woman’s footsteps and find Gold Tooth, triggering a plot to find Silver Tooth, who can help us rescue our second sidekick, the Mechanic (who is more useful, has the skill to relax and repair cars, and can drive, but not fight). The conversation with the mechanic’s sibling can also be done without triggering, and when Silvertooth appears, he will save him directly.

After completing these conversations, we continue to the entrance of El Nido and swipe the remaining 2 GI’s to complete the mission to join the group. After that, we go inside the main building and find a white haired NPC and talk to him, informing us that the owner of the garage has gone back to Mardor Town and we follow him back.We go back, talk to the garage owner and get the chariot, note that the chariot is damaged and cannot be driven.Finally, there is the Pitch brothers in the El Nido bounty room, make sure you talk to them, there is a lot of drama about them later on.

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