Tournament Analysis

IG was LNG instantly, the number of live viewers is only 7W. netizens: IG platoon where?

IG playoffs to face LNG, two teams in the recent performance gap is great, IG in the last game of the playoffs played a breathtaking two than zero, all of a sudden the S8 state back, and LNG although the beginning of the season played very fierce, but the end of the season LNG performance is poor, barely squeezed into the playoffs, so the two teams collision, rice Jun more inclined to victory belongs to IG, but LNG have proved their strength by making the playoffs, and there is also the possibility of a blowout!

IG vs LNG 1 In the first game, IG did not start theshy, but chose to let Duke to play this crucial game, think Duke as long as not to miss, IG does not lose the small field, theshy on the chances of not much, after all, theshy is a burst of players, IG such an arrangement is also understandable, IG got this lineup is relatively solid, basically is considered a bet JKL, and the upper road Duke against Qing Gang Ying, which depends more on individual ability, compared to LNG’s lineup, which is more solid!

King Ning takes first blood.

Ning King got Scorpion in this game, this hero usually doesn’t roam before level 6, after all, without big moves Scorpion doesn’t have too strong combat ability, but Ning King’s wave of counter squatting got a head in the middle, which gave IG a small advantage in the early stage, but Ning King was also collected by the opposite wild pig girl, counting down IG only earned a blood money!

IG took a head in the lower lane.

JKL and Bao Lan got a very strong combination in this game, especially JKL’s Verus, basically consuming the opponent all the time, while the opposite Kasha has short hands, and the auxiliary has no line clearing ability, so it can only be consumed by JKL for nothing. JKL drove straight around the back and took the fleeing Asura away!

IG’s Dragon Troupe Mistake.

Although IG got the advantage in the middle, but LNG directly forced the big dragon, IG wanted to pick up the group in the big dragon is more difficult, at this time the plane has the explosive bag will be perfectly divided battlefield, and the rest of LNG four people are all in the big dragon pit, IG’s AOE ability is seriously lacking, can only rely on Verus single point output, and JKL in the opening instant was hung with the seal, Asura Kasha into the field to collect JKL, IG The rest of the players could only scatter and run away!

IG loses the match.In the end, IG lost the match against LNG. But the audience’s attention was put on the viewing heat, because this time it was IG’s match, by definition, IG’s current heat is one of the best in the whole LPL, but the current playing heat is just over 7W, some netizens questioned if this is the real number of viewers, which makes a comparative difference, but soon the number became 1700W. do you think 7W is the real number of viewers?

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