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Uzi’s old injury returns, RNG playoffs to be cold? Netizen: Uzi made a fatal mistake

RNG successfully advanced to the playoffs and got a third place, although this all looks very good, but RNG this third place position is very embarrassing, on the one hand, the third place means will be divided into the bottom half, and IG also happens to be divided into the bottom half, this kind of traditional strong team competition is very fierce, RNG and IG only one can advance to the top four; on the other hand, the third place guaranteed A mere top six finish in the playoffs is not enough for RNG to get a shot at the bubble!

Playoff Groupings According to the LPL playoffs groupings, RNG, IG and TES were placed in the same half of the bracket. All of these teams were the best in the summer season and any of them had the strength to win the title. In this case, RNG won’t have much of an advantage. After all, RNG’s real situation is there, except for the fielding and the lower road, RNG’s other two roads have different problems.

Uzi’s girlfriend Even though RNG’s lower lane is in good shape, UZI’s girlfriend still gave an account of UZI’s recent situation via social media platforms. From the picture, UZI’s back is full of needle eyes, it can be seen that the high intensity training of the summer tournament has made UZI’s back injury aggravated again, while UZI’s wrist is also injured, the two interact with each other, the regular season finishes with UZI’s battle power greatly reduced, UZI has problems, RNG playoffs are afraid to be written off!

RNG confiscates phone However, the RNG is so determined to win this year’s S-game that it has even confiscated mobile phones, which shows that the management of the RNG attaches great importance to this year’s S-game. However, with IG winning the S8 championship, and President Wang’s sweepstakes, IG became the most popular team in the world and was covered by all the major media, which made IG a very rewarding year, with all sorts of big advertisements coming in. The temptation for RNG to confiscate their mobile phones is understandable as they have the strength to win the title.

In fact, the majority of RNG’s advertisements were received before S8, and after S8 there were hardly any new big name endorsements, which made the RNG League of Legends division lose face in the club, after all, RNG’s Dota 2 division had already made it out of the TI9 qualifiers, and QQ Speed project had even won the championship, all projects were in full bloom, but the League of Legends division, which had invested the most, could not make the playoffs. This is perhaps the main reason why the League of Legends division has had its mobile phones confiscated and training concentrated! Of course, the recurrence of UZI’s old injury has had a huge impact on the RNG. UZI made a fatal mistake this summer, he should not have played the whole summer, but should have opted for decisive substitution after getting nine points, which would have ensured that he was well rested! However, as a veteran, I believe UZI has a way to get through it, after all, UZI is the real faith of RNG! As for whether RNG can enter S9, it depends on whether RNG can beat IG, if RNG can beat IG, even if they don’t win the championship, getting the runner-up still has a chance to participate in the bubble tournament, but if RNG is beaten by IG, then this year is completely gone!

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