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Not only White Moon, but 3 other coaches were kicked at the same time, including a retired IG champion

Prelude: TES is playing BLG again, and fans are anxious before the match starts: BLG and TES are ranked similarly, but the former has won three in a row and is in perfect form, while TES has lost three in a row and is on a power pulling streak. Even if we wanted to believe in TES, we wouldn’t have the confidence to do so at this point.Before the match started, there were two questions that were being speculated: firstly, would Sunny be rotated or not? There was talk of Rhubarb starting a training game and Sunny being kicked out of the starting spot. I think that was just the rest period and people may have misunderstood. Announcing the roster we can easily see that Rhubarb didn’t get to play.

White Moon is not TES yet, in fact 3 other coaches were kicked in the same period.

Secondly, is White Moon back? One of the anchors said he just went home for something and could come back after playing BLG this game. It turns out that the TES head coach is still Ajay and White Moon is not returning. In fact, White Moon is not the only coach who has been kicked recently, but TES is popular enough for people to focus too much on the team.

The two teams that play with TES have also kicked out three coaches in the same period, namely dian, duan and duke. dian and duan used to be BLG team coaches and were old friends who worked with Forkfire. When BLG lost to LGD some time ago, dian’s coach interview was very impatient. The next game, BLG coaches were both replaced and both dian and duan disappeared. After kicking out both coaches, BLG team won three consecutive matches.

BLG proved to be different from TES, the former was really a coaching problem, kicking out dian and duan to start a winning streak straight away, just like RNG at the beginning of the season. TES, on the other hand, had a bottleneck in their players and the loss had little to do with coaching. It’s the kicking of the white moon and still losing that makes the LPL a “joke”.

Including a retired IG champion duke, TES is not the only team that got kicked!

Another coach who was kicked out was duke, a former IG champion top player who retired long ago and came back as a coach. The team that invited duke back was NIP, who had already kicked out two Korean players this season, rich and duke, before the team announced that rich was leaving the team and the player explained live that the reason for his departure was not because he couldn’t communicate, but because NIP had moved and he couldn’t adapt to the new environment.

It was soon the turn of coach duke, who was still coaching at NIP at the beginning of March, but was replaced by cluo a few days later. duke has reportedly gone back, probably because of the poor results at NIP and the questions duke was getting. It turns out that NIP didn’t lose all the games because of the coach, they lost even faster by playing duke. In the first game against WBG, NIP were pushed to a draw in just twenty minutes.

When NIP invited duke back to coach, several “Incheoners” had dinner together, which brought tears to our eyes. I didn’t expect duke to leave after only two months, and NIP’s performance has not improved much. I can only say that kicking coaches and dumping them is not TES’s problem, in fact, all LPL teams like to do this, just that the teams are not in the same heat.

With NIP, BLG and TES playing on the same day, we also noticed a few changes in coaching. It was poignant to see that Hou, the team with the most heat and the most washes, was completely unaffected and stayed firmly with the WBG team. With the comparison of NIP, BLG and TES, perhaps WBG is that special team. It is enough to prove how much the management and players believe in the coach to insist on keeping Hou.

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