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Play more than twenty years are not tired of the single-player games, the wife are changing the game is still in

I do not know in your gaming career, there is no so a game, is you either change what operation will be installed?I guess every player has one, and the answer is all different!At one time or another we’ve all experienced various classic games, but not many of them really stay in our memories – after all, most of them are passé and are simply deleted after we’ve experienced them.There are, however, some games that we can’t bear to delete, and we still go back to touch them years later.Even with all the advances in computer technology and all the beautiful games out there, we are still reluctant to part with these games, even with mods.

A player once said that he had been playing Diablo 2 standalone for more than 20 years, and after the big box patch, he would go to the game every day, and basically got all the weapons and equipment he wanted, without ever using a modifier.

This is an admirable player!

But back then players were really that persistent, it’s just too rare that they’ve lasted this long.

This reminds me of the “Sword God of the Ten Mile Slope” who, in a place with the lowest level of monsters like the Ten Mile Slope, was able to comprehend the Heavenly Master Rune Method, the Ten Thousand Swords Skill, the Heavenly Sword and the Sword God.

I don’t know how many hours and days it took and how boring it was to repeat the same thing every day, but others persevered and were officially awarded the title of “Sword God of the Ten Mile Slope”.

Immortal Sword 1 has been played for almost thirty years and there are still players today who are taking on the challenge of speeding through the game to the limit. The last time I saw someone perform, it took them just 2 and a half hours to clear the game.

I wonder which is the longest played single player game in your memory?

The Legend of the Golden Age.

I guess many of you don’t know that Immortal Sword and Swordsman 1 and The Legend of the Golden Age are actually games from the same era, one released in ’95 and the other in ’96. Both games were originally played on top of the DOS platform.

The popularity and popularity of the games were almost on par in the late nineties. In some areas Jinyong Qiaoyuan’s popularity could even crush that of Immortal Sword.

However, later in life, a series developed out of Immortal Sword and the first generation found its way into the 95th edition, the 98th Soft Edition and the XP HD remake, so gamers seem to be a little more familiar with the series.

After the great success of The Golden Age, no sequel was released, but instead created The Legend of the Wulin. Despite all the positive word-of-mouth, sales were mediocre. This led to the premature death of the series.

But the fervour of The Legend of the Golden Age never died, and after this gamers were left wanting, and all sorts of homages were created. The Golden Age 2, Golden Age 3 and Golden Age 4, as well as other mods, are still being studied and refined to this day.

Its influence is far-reaching and can be imagined.

After the previous article on the subject was published, it sparked a lot of memories for many of our friends, while some players also said they still play it today.

It’s been almost thirty years since the game was released in 96. The game’s graphics have long been unbearable, but for the nostalgic gamers, they just can’t get enough of it!

The most widely circulated version among players today is this six-in-one, which contains six of the hotter mods.

The most popular mod is this one, which includes six of the more popular mods: Cthulhu by Cthulhu, an excellent homage to the game originally written by Tiny Pig. There are also: Nangong Meng’s “Re-Battle of the Jianghu”, eo32145’s PPT version, Gu Chaoxi’s “The Golden Book of Chivalry”, grgame’s “The Dragon Enlightens the Jianghu”, henvgui1987’s “Heavenly Book Heist”, KG’s “Pineapple Three Kingdoms” “Break the Pineapple Again”, Xinghestar’s “New Canglong Jianghu. The Supreme of Martial Arts”, “Man in the Lake” by Man in the Lake Production Group, “The Prequel to the Legend of the Golden Age” by Not Counting Studio, “The Legend of the Black Mountain Swordsmen” by No Wine.

The Legend of the Golden Age is an RPG, but it’s certainly a worthy challenge.

Once upon a time, our favourite option was to go for super low qualifications and learn Left and Right + Wild Ball Fist.

And later players studied in a completely different direction again, making the most of every weapon prop and secret skill in the game.

The Legend of Cao Cao of the Three Kingdoms.

Which game do you think is the most classic of the Three Kingdoms’ Tales of Heroes, Three Kingdoms’ Tales of Cao Cao or Three Kingdoms’ Tales of Kong Ming?

I guess it’s hard to choose! After all, each game brings a different experience to the player. I feel that “Three Kingdoms Story” is the most representative of the three games. It’s just that it was released a long time ago and the graphics quality can’t compare to that of Three Kingdoms Cao Cao.

The overall difficulty in Three Kingdoms Story of Cao Cao is not very high, especially in the later stages when it levels up and the various spells go straight for the jugular. A city can be taken down in a matter of minutes.

This is why many of you feel that you can’t get enough of Three Kingdoms Cao Cao, and this has led to a proliferation of related mods in the later stages.

The Legend of Yue Fei, The Wagang Mountain Anecdotes, The Legend of the Overlord of Eastern Wu, The Legend of Jiang Wei, The Legend of Cao Cao Deluxe Edition 2014, The Legend of Sui and Tang Dynasty Heroes, The Legend of Yang Family General, The Legend of Liu Bei, The Legend of Lu Bu, The Legend of Song Jiang, The Complete Legend of Yue Fei, The Legend of the Holy Three Kingdoms Heroes, The Legend of Eastern Wu, The Legend of Feng Shen Yingjie.

I prefer the “Wagang Anecdotes” and the “Biography of Jiang Wei”.

The author of the Biography of Jiang Wei would have been very familiar with the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, which tells a great deal about the later Three Kingdoms and is well worth a closer look.

These mods have even developed a series, like the Biography of Lu Bu, of which there are several versions.

Years later, when we have experienced the various mods and come back to review The Legend of Cao Cao of the Three Kingdoms, we realise that it is the original game that drives the most emotion!

In fact, for arcade players, it is the games they have played in the arcade that they are most attached to and cannot part with.

They will still take them out in their spare time, after all, it is quite convenient to play games on mobile phones. The younger generation of gamers probably don’t understand how games with such crude graphics can still be played with such enjoyment.

After all, these are some of our fondest memories!

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