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KPL: LGD goose picks up two straight wins, cat builds up repeatedly, AG Super Players gutted!

In the second round of the 2023 KPL spring tournament, there were also a lot of dark horse teams that emerged, and here in Group A, LGD Goose’s performance was definitely very surprising. In the first round, LGD Goose’s status was up and down, and the whole team, too, was in a stage of adjustment and experimentation, so it was also called a nervous knife. It was the instability of LGD Goose that led to them barely making it to Group A in the end. But in the Group A match, LGD Goose finally played a thrilling game as well. At the time when they were shut out by TTG, everyone thought LGD Goose was no good, but LGD Goose woke up just in time. Now LGD Goose has picked up two straight wins, and cat has even built up his game repeatedly. I wonder if AG Super League’s guts have turned blue?

LGD Goose.

LGD Goose beat MTG, taking three points from two straight wins!

LGD Goose defeated MTG.

LGD Goose and MTG played a very intense game, LGD Goose was really like a fierce tiger coming out of the mountain, directly like a broken bamboo, three games, the first two games are LGD Goose absolute crushing, MTG had no chance, only in the third game, MTG had the advantage, but it was of no use. LGD Goose’s shutout, really won very beautiful, but also let people see LGD Goose’s strong rise to power. After this game, LGD Goose took two consecutive wins and also managed to get three points, and the situation in Group A, is also very good!

cat has repeatedly built up his game, and his form command is getting better and better!

cat LGD Goose had an excellent performance in this match, with cat shining. In the three games won, cat took two MVPs, which also shows that cat’s strength is very strong and his form is also very good. Throughout the tournament, cat’s role was also indelible. Since coming to LGD Goose, cat’s strength has been maximized. You could tell that the LGD Goose juniors trusted cat and were more obedient on the field, which allowed cat to get the better of the game. The perfect play of cat was also the key to LGD Goose’s success. It is foreseeable that the better cat’s form is, the further the LGD Goose will go!

Same group A, big difference between the top and bottom, did AG Super Players regret?

AG Super League.

LGD Goose is now at the top of Group A, while AG Super League is at the bottom, perhaps because of one cat. cat chose to leave AG Super Play Club and went to LGD Goose. Now seeing cat shine in the LGD Goose and achieve such good results, I wonder if AG Super League has any regrets? If cat was still with AG Super Games, would it be AG Super Games who would be number one in Group A now?

LGD Goose.

LGD Goose have been in a state of flux this season, sometimes very strong, sometimes very weak, so we can’t get a feel for their form. However, we can see from this game that LGD Goose’s overall form is now on the up, and full of opportunities and possibilities. cat is playing well for LGD Goose, and one of the important points is that LGD Goose’s youngsters are very obedient, which makes cat’s command more comfortable. AG Super Games, on the other hand, is now at the bottom of Group A and is likely to go to Group B, which is also saddening. Comparing the situation of AG Super League and LGD Goose, it is partly due to CAT. I just wonder if the AG Super League now regrets letting cat go or not, regrets not using cat properly, regrets not giving cat more chances?

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