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In League of Legends, the biggest advantage that cats have over traditional soft support is that they are always protected

The biggest weakness of the cat is that there is no way to control the output distance at your own will, for the soft auxiliary, the most important thing is to pull the distance, as far as possible in the other side of the hard auxiliary control skills can hit you on the fringe of the crazy try, while the harmless consumption, the most typical example is to pull the bull head, soft auxiliary early are very brittle, by the bull head two even basic not to turn flash will die. The most important thing is that you can get the most out of it, and also the most important thing is that you can get the most out of it, but if you’re just a single row soft auxiliary, you can’t get any points from a single row soft auxiliary.

The biggest advantage of cats and traditional soft auxiliaries is that there must be someone to protect, you remember a game opposite a sudden face assassin, vn’s e is always used to protect me, because our upper field is the weapon Zhao Xin, as long as the zither girl alive, the two have a constant source of strengthening combat power, but not every game can encounter this will protect the soft auxiliary ad, and segmentation is low, many ad in the first time home before simply do not understand that at this time the soft auxiliary far more than The first time you go home, many ADs don’t understand that the soft support is far more important than him and far more fragile than him, so they think about letting the soft support block the hook and stun for them when they have displacement.

If you’re an ADC, down to black iron, up to king, there’s no way any ADC would think that cats aren’t good subs, and if you don’t, you’re not specialized in playing ADC, it’s that simple. I can ask you a very simple question “Do you think this cute cat can carry you, the ADC, through the opposite side to victory?” If you think the cat can do that, then I’d say it’s abusive, and by the way I’d even switch to a zither girl.

Even a purely soft support like Nana, I can count on her to play with subtle control and manoeuvre and perfect positioning to win, but a support like Cat has none of that, it can’t be called a support at all, in my eyes Cat is never a support, it’s just a pendant, and not a pendant for AD. It’s even easier to say that Jue is the hardest hitter I’ve ever played. The hardest hitter I’ve ever played was Dragon Turtle, but after Dragon Turtle was redone, I felt more comfortable playing it and it became Jue.

The hero seems to be a late hero that relies on passives, but in fact, from my own experience, Jue is actually a rhythm-based early hero. The heroes of the windy game, the windy game can not brush the wildlife passive, but also can not take the opposite hero on the passive.

It’s a very weak hero in the wind game, and the passive mechanic means that he’s not a very strong fielder in the early game, so it’s a very difficult mechanic for me. I also sometimes ban cats, this hero is really annoying to AD, play to the back of the top and middle field is comfortable, my AD from the beginning to be pressed to play to the end, win and I have nothing to do, lose from my bottom road bomb, then I still have a line of game experience.

Cat this hero is elected to torture the AD, in addition to AD other people can play comfortable, even the opposite bottom combination are playing more comfortable. Cat interactivity is low, all say the auxiliary decide the lower road limit, but the cat elected to have the advantage of the lower road all depends on the AD basic skills, the cat can only protect the lower limit. The adc is destined to eat equipment, such a late hero brush field speed is not fast, but also need the early invasion control resources, take passive. Although this hero is very strong, this design is contradictory, so it is also an imperfect hero.

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