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DNF: Realm of Knowing No Harm Raiders One of Hillock’s right-hand men is more interesting than the other!

The fifth apostle from the magic world, her full name is the invisible Shirok, is able to change into any kind of matter, change into any kind of appearance to display in front of the players. This is the reason why Sheerlock is so powerful among the Twelve Apostles. It was because of his strength that he was recognised as an Apostle by the people of the Demon World, and this symbol has attracted a large number of followers, among whom there are many very powerful people and monsters.

The second level of the first stage of Hillock: the realm of knowledge.

The first layer is the realm of law, the first layer of the BOSS is mainly composed of four destruction of the door, this layer is after all the first dungeon players to enter the group of Hillock to face, so the difficulty is not particularly large, so players after continuous practice, and teammates active communication and cooperation, I believe that will soon be able to master the skills smoothly pass!

The second level of the Realm of Knowledge is much more difficult than the first level of the Realm of Law, after all, the “appetizer” has been passed and the “main meal” will be served gradually. Let’s take a closer look!

The second layer of the realm of knowledge consists of four copies, they are: the Dawn of Dreams, the Realm of Phantoms, Nightmare Night, the Day of Restitution four copies, each copy has a different mechanism, and the four copies will also affect each other, these four copies have a powerful BOSS need to face players, so we will then “break” one by one We will then “break down” each boss one by one to see how the mechanics of each boss are.

01 Area Mechanics.

Before we talk about each boss let’s first understand the mechanics specific to the area, which is what I just said about how the cover tier copies will all affect each other.

Once the player has cleared the first Realm of Law, they will face four different copies. However, there will be 3 copies that will be locked and inaccessible at the entry screen, which will require the player to first enter Dawn of Dreams in order to open access to the other 3 copies.

Once the main team has entered the Dawn of Dreams copy, the remaining 3 teams can enter any of the 3 copies except the Dawn.

Nightmare Night: When this copy is not cleared, it will affect the Dawn of Dreams and the Realm of Illusion copies.

Effect of Dawn of Dreams: Increases the attack power of Dawn of Dreams by 10% at regular intervals (approximately 90s), up to a maximum of 50% attack power.

Effect of Realm of Illusions: A blindness condition is applied to players entering the Realm of Illusions, which significantly reduces the hit rate (135% hit rate reduction) and blinds the player (darkens the area around the player’s own dot), which can be lifted with a consumable to remove the abnormal condition, but will be applied intermittently if Nightmare Night is not cleared.

Realm of Illusion: Passing a copy will increase damage to players in the Dawn of Dreams copy by 100%, and will affect all 3 copies except the Realm of Illusion when not passed.

Effect of Dawn of Dreams: will summon monsters to harass players in that copy.

Effect of Nightmare Night: A whirlwind will be generated on this map that will attack players periodically.

The effect of Day of Restitution: the defence of players in this copy is reduced by 25%, up to 100% of their defence.

These are the overall mechanics of this area. If players can’t do enough damage to achieve a second kill, they will need to pass the rest of the copies as quickly as possible to help the main team get an easier environment to pass through. The level will only really end when Dawn of Dreams is cleared.

02 Detailed mechanics of the sub-levels and individual BOSSes.

Nightmare Night: BOSS – Lena the Magic Bullet Bearer.

This boss is an “old friend”, having met her on the 73rd floor of the Tower of Despair, and was a very difficult enemy at the time. This time, she has absorbed Sherlock’s power, gaining more powerful abilities, and is also a senior member of the Violent Searchers, thus following Sherlock.

Mechanism 1: Split Magic Bullet.

Reina will be prompted with a caption when she releases the Splinter Magic Bullet and will raise her hand to fire a shot after the next 2 seconds, which will split a lot if a player is hit, damaging the player.

As long as you dodge up and down when you see the prompt and are not in the same line as the boss, you will be fine.

Mechanism 2: Hado Magic Bullet.

When Reina releases the Hado Magic Bullet, she will be prompted with a caption, and after 1 second, she will fire a guided bullet into the sky, which will cause a large atmospheric explosion in a random location across the boss room, with a circle showing the location and range of the explosion. Dodge outside the explosion range to avoid it, or use invincibility skills to avoid it.

Mechanism 3: Aesthetic Magic Bullet.

Reina will be prompted with a caption when she releases the Aesthetic Magic Bullet, and after a few seconds she will release a skill similar to the “Chaos Shot”, just stay away from the boss. If you are in the middle, you will be easily killed by the boss.

Mechanism 4: Lightning Magic Bullet.

Reina fires a missile that can summon lightning strikes, which will chase the player’s location depending on the player’s hate value. Lightning strikes do little damage and are easy to dodge. Mechanic 5: Baiting Magic BulletReina will unleash a highly accurate magic bullet, which is almost certain to hit and does so much damage that it is difficult to evade, but will only hit a single player.

To dodge this move you need to be fast enough to move on the Y axis or use a longer invincibility skill to dodge it. When the targeting star reaches the middle, you can release the invincibility skill.

Mechanism 6: Smash Magic BulletReina releases a smash magic bomb that will spread damage when it hits the player, causing a wide range of AOE damage, just be careful not to be in a straight line with the BOSS.Mechanism 7: Dance of Sherlock – FinisherAfter Reina has released all 6 magic bombs, she will be able to perform the “Dance of Sherlock”. Reina will unleash a number of doppelgangers present and after a few seconds will unleash an explosive skill with a full screen range of spike damage.

This mechanic is one of the more difficult of all the bosses on the second level of the Realm of Knowing. Reina will move at super speed in the final stage, moving to a designated location and then spawning 1 doppelganger at the designated location, for a total of 4. Reina can disarm the mode by attacking her real body while moving. Or dodge by releasing invincibility skills at the point of rhythm when you grasp that the BOSS is about to release its finishing move.

Be prepared to unleash a wide range of skills when Lena prompts the release of the Dance of Sherlock, as long as you throw as many wide range skills as possible you can basically disable the mode. Of course, you can also turn on the “slowdown” mode, all players full output, try to ensure that the final stage out before the BOSS can also be killed.

The above is the mechanism of all the magic bomb Lena, players practice more, the BOSS is also the easiest to achieve a harmless copy of the pass.

The Day of Restitution: BOSS – Ming Hao, King of All Beasts.

This boss was once one of the senior members of the Violent Searchers and is an exorcist, but after absorbing the power of Hierock, he is no longer a “competent” exorcist.Mechanism 1: Tornado Summoning.When the boss summons a tornado, a skill trajectory will appear and the player will be able to dodge it.

When the tornado is summoned, it will move quite fast in a straight line, so players can dodge it by moving outside the tornado’s trajectory as soon as possible. This skill does not do much damage.Mechanism 2: Upward Slash.When the BOSS uses an uppercut, several whirlwinds will be formed directly in front of it to attack. It is very difficult to hit as long as the player is not standing directly in front of the boss.

Mechanism 3: Energy Blast.

When the BOSS releases the energy shock, it will pull the player in front of itself and stun the player for a few seconds, then the BOSS will read the bar and prepare to release the energy shock, the player can quickly use the joystick to release the stun, or use consumables to release the abnormal state, and quickly walk behind the BOSS to avoid it.

The range of the skill is very large, the damage is also very high, pay attention to dodge can.

Mechanism 4: Lion’s Roar When the BOSS releases the Lion’s Roar skill, it will take a long time to read the bar and gather gas, and then release the Lion’s Roar skill after a few seconds. You only need to output from a distance or stay away from the BOSS during this phase. Note that after the boss releases the Lion’s Roar, Xuanwu will appear.

The above are all the mechanisms of the Return of the Day BOSS, the overall damage of the BOSS is not high, but the mechanism is a bit fancy, many skills can basically be avoided, directly dislike can, of course, if you want to achieve no harm, or to pay attention to dodge.

Realm of Shadows: BOSS – Quora, Tanner Twins.

The “Gatekeeper” of the Realm of Shadows is also one of the most interesting bosses in the Hierarchy.

Mechanism 1: Adsorption.

The boss comes out as a single unit, but during the battle it has a separation mechanism that allows the boss to diagonally attach itself to the player, levitating them and slamming them to the ground for damage.

When the BOSS separates, do not output for the time being and move quickly to avoid being caught.

Mechanism 2: Rhythm Music

The BOSS will unleash a sonic blast that will cause the player to be controlled, then Black will say, “Hug~Hug” and White will say, “Be quiet”, after which the player will be sent flying.

This mechanic requires players to press X in a rhythmic manner to disarm the mechanic, which does not do much damage and requires a high level of proficiency to complete.

Mechanism 3: Arm Waving.

The twins use both hands to attack, which is a regular attack for the black and white twins, as long as the player is not standing face to face with the twins at all times.

Mechanism 4: Absorb + Heavy Punch.

This is a synergistic attack by the black and white twins. Black is responsible for absorbing, while White readies his attack, dealing ranged damage.

Mechanism 5: Double Spin

The black and white twins will hug together to launch a rotating attack. When the twins enter this form, they will perform rapid output and the BOSS will stop attacking and enter a weak state for 3 seconds after dropping enough blood.

Mechanism 6: Cradle of Doom.

The black tornado is issued randomly, so you can dodge it by looking for an opening. The white tornado will track one of the players, and the player needs to pay attention to the red line connecting his feet to the BOSS. After a few times the BOSS will stop attacking and enter a stasis.

Mechanism 7: Gel Flying Kick.

The twins hug together and jump into the air to deliver a flying kick to the player, the damage is average and the attack has a large prelude which is easy to dodge.

Mechanism 8: Black and White Pinball – Finisher.

The black and white twins will release their finishing move with a caption that reads, “Have fun with the ball!”

The twins will then separate and create two areas in the boss room, one white and one black, and the player will be slowed down when walking into either area.

At the same time, the BOSS will attack two of the players present separately, only the locked player will appear with a red line (white line in Chinese) and will then keep chasing the locked player. The two players have to draw the black and white twins together and collide with each other to make the boss go into a weakened and broken state. If the bosses do not collide together after a period of time, the boss will go into berserk mode.

The most important mechanism is the defense breaking mechanism, which is a very simple mechanism overall.

Dawn of Dreams: BOSS – Charmed Haniel.

The main boss of the second tier, the monster’s mechanics are all sorts of fancy and arguably more amazing with another perspective.

Mechanic 1: Heartbeat Counter.

When the player enters the boss room, the boss will drop a heart on the ground and require a player to pick it up, that player will then have a heart symbol appear above their head while they start counting, and the boss will only attack after the player with the heart. (Similar to the 4th Aunt in one of the magic towers in Prey)

There is no mechanism until the count reaches 100. When the love heart reaches 100, it will fall at a random location and other players will have to pick it up, at the same time the BOSS will split up and only the player who picked up the love heart will be able to see the difference between the real body and the split up. Only the player who picked up the love will be able to see the difference between the real body and the doppelganger. If the doppelganger does not disappear quickly, it will explode, causing high damage.

The BOSS will keep attacking players carrying love. This stage is basically a normal attack by the BOSS with no special mechanics.

Mechanism 2: Charmed Swamp – Ending Technique 1.

In this stage, the BOSS will enter a charmed swamp state, will generate a black swamp at random in the BOSS room, will continue to expand, at this time the player carrying the love mark stands at the swamp for 2 seconds to make the swamp disappear, after clearing all the swamp the BOSS will enter a weak and broken state.

If the player is slow to react, here you can use “slow down” to increase the margin of error and slow down the arrival of the BOSS berserker, making it easier to eliminate the swamp.

If the swamp is not fully cleared, the BOSS will release a full-screen skill that does spike damage.

Mechanism 3: Mind Lock – Ending Technique 2.

A rather troublesome mechanism, the BOSS will release a large love heart in the centre of the screen, and the bottom will randomly generate 5 magic arrays, and is generated in a certain order, so you need to have a love mark players in order to step on these 5 magic arrays, successfully step on the magic arrays BOSS into a weakened state. Conversely, the monster will enter a berserk state.

Mechanism 4: Dance of Charm – Berserk State.

When the BOSS enters a berserk state it will spawn three doppelgangers and will move around in a large circular circle that nearly covers the entire room. At this point the BOSS will have two readouts, a blue bar and a red bar. The blue bar is the time the BOSS needs to break the berserk and the red bar is the energy bar that needs to be removed to break the berserk state.

The player identifies the real body and the doppelganger by their names (the real body has Lord Haniel written on its name), and then attacks them. Once the player has dealt a certain amount of damage to the real body (red bar energy value disappears), the berserk mode will be lifted. Instead, it will enter full screen spike mode.

In berserk mode and in modes that require defense breaking, try to use slowdown to get the time to break the defense, so that you can pass the copy more easily.

Summary The mechanics of the second layer of the first stage of Hillock’s Realm of Knowledge are very complex and require repeated study in order for players to get through without injury. This is also the beginning of the Hierock assault, there is still a way to go before the second stage, through continuous practice and effort we will successfully break the crisis of the Realm of Knowledge, and then we will enter the third layer of the Realm of Tribulation 1 area.

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