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League Daily: All Korean TL out of playoffs; Light becomes “Earth Partner”

March 17 AL 2:0 FPX EDG 2:1 OMG 18 March 15:00 WBG NIP 17:00 RA JDG 19:00 TES BLG.After today’s LCS match, the all-Korean TL is confirmed to be out of the playoffs, and the team’s playmaker Pyosik becomes the third S-Series champion to be out of the spring playoffs in the following year, the remaining two being S4 SSW top player Looper and S12 DRX support BeryL.Event interface: top right corner of the game client.The Chinese service has launched a “Lucky Shop” discount event, with discounts ranging from 30% to 70% off.

After entering, you will be prompted whether to generate the discount in accordance with the game habits, if you choose “agree”, the heroes appear more likely to be recently used in the region (not including non-self-selected hero mode).

After selecting the first time, click on “Update preferences” in the bottom left corner and select another one that you have just not selected (e.g. agree to reject) to enable a second time. To switch back, follow the same steps.

Prize draw website: click here.

The “Destiny Call” lucky draw has been launched in the national service, where you can get a call for 22,000 Blue Essence and a 10-peat experience ticket when you log in.

WBG announced that Light will become an “Earth Partner” and 100% of Light’s Weibo Appreciation will be donated to the “Protecting Endangered Species Together” charity project.

In the second game of today’s EDG vs OMG match, EDG top laner Ale picked Vladimir, a vampire who made his LPL debut as a top laner for the second time in 209 days, but ultimately lost with a 2-5-2 record.

EDG reached the LPL 13,000 kills milestone in the second game of today’s match against OMG.

In the first game of FPX vs AL today, FPX hitter H4cker reached the LPL 2500 assist milestone.

In the second game of FPX vs AL today, FPX midfielder Care reached the LPL 100 debut milestone.

In the first game of FPX vs AL today, AL support SwordArt reached the LPL 100 win milestone.

LPL officials announced a special partnership with “Sanjin Watermelon Cream”.

After the match, the TL official tweeted.

Our season is over. We want to thank all of you for supporting us and helping us keep our spirits high.

We are looking forward to the future.

Enjoy our next few games.

League On Lock has ranked the global teams for week 8, with the top three being T1, EDG and JDG, followed by DK, LNG, GEN.G, KT, G2, WBG and TES.

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