Tournament Analysis

After IG’s spring tournament elimination, “Theshy’s status” topped the search, with 2.4 million people discussing it online

Hello and welcome to this edition of Game Analysis!The LPL Spring Season has come to an end, which means the matches have become even more exciting, especially today’s match between IG and FPX, which many fans expected to be a “world class match”, after all, these are the two teams that won the S-series championship! However, when the match actually started, it was a one-sided situation, with IG’s various strategies being restricted by FPX, and they were no match for FPX.

Throughout the three games today, it can be found that IG’s biggest problem now is Theshy, the first game 0/5 start, the second game 1/4 start, it can be said that Theshy has now become IG’s biggest breakthrough, which also makes people ask: What’s wrong with Theshy now? After the match between FPX and IG, there were several hot searches related to the match, and the most popular one was “Theshy’s status”, which caused 2.4 million players to discuss it, so it seems everyone is very worried about Theshy’s status now!

In fact, as early as the initial stage of the spring tournament, many players found that Theshy’s abnormal, at that time, Theshy’s ranking game is basically skate shoes, Lucian and other heroes, and later even brought these heroes to the professional field, players also said that this is “Theshy’s style”! The players even said that this was “Theshy’s style”! These strange ways of playing did work very well in the beginning, but later on, they were a bit overwhelming, because these heroes were too easy to target, and IG didn’t seem to find this, and often gave Theshy some long-handed heroes to play short-handed in BP, and later on, they suffered a big loss because of this!

And after losing the TES match, it seems that Theshy didn’t find his problem and still applied skate shoes to score in ranking matches! At this time, it reminds me of what Coach Jin once said “What’s the use of winning single ranking if you only practice your own heroes every day? We came to play the game and not for ranking points”, this sentence of coach Jin is simply the true reflection of Theshy, skate shoes can certainly be used to score points, but is not a current game, if Theshy really want to win the game, should practice the version of strong heroes!

But in the opinion of the game, every player has bad form at times, Theshy in these two bo5 games although some pull crotch, but not so much as to be sprayed out of the body! According to his friends, Theshy is now suffering from toothache, sometimes he can’t sleep at night because of the pain, but he doesn’t have time to go for treatment because he has to play all the time. Therefore, we believe that when Theshy’s toothache is cured, we will see a different Theshy in the summer tournament, a different Theshy at the peak of S8!

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