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Eggman’s Party tops the game charts as players cry out for when MMO games will rise to the top

The hottest product on the mobile game market in January was not the old faces on the game charts, Glory of Kings and Original Gods, but the NetEase casual competitive game Egg Boy Party. The game, which is not new to NetEase, has actually been online for a year, and while it’s been gaining traction, it’s only now that it’s “exploded”, having suddenly taken off at the end of last year.In the fourth quarter and full year 2022 results announcement, NetEase said: “Egg Boy Party” market revenue and user development is robust, is the history of NetEase ranked first in the number of daily active users”. The game allows players to transform into egg boys to challenge various racing levels, matchmaking levels, game levels and more. This Chinese New Year, “Egg Boy Party” officially launched a special platform submission campaign, which saw a significant increase in short videos related to the game, attracting a wave of new players.

In addition, one of them, “Goat got a Goat”, which made many hot searches last year, is also a casual mini-game whose entertainment experience is more in line with the fast-paced life of contemporary people and with the popular short-video light entertainment. But is the “sheep a sheep” as a former casual mini-games, the lack of real content of the casual mini-games is difficult to long-term prevalence, unless it becomes “happy to eliminate”, “underground run” and other experience game mode, otherwise for the players, “tired of playing” “no longer interesting “It’s easy to develop a mindset of “the next one is better” and so on.

However, in contrast, games with a world view and features such as King’s Glory, Elite Peace and Original Gods have easily gained a group of regular players, which I think is mainly due to two factors: the first is the formation of a social circle. This is due to two factors: firstly, the formation of a social circle. Despite its poor reputation, Glory of Kings has remained at the top of the charts for a long time, and this is due to the fact that the game mode of “hacking” and “leveling” has kept players for a long time. Secondly, there is a sense of ‘presence’ within the game, and Protoss highlights this even more. When the player becomes a character and operates within the game, all the quests and plots within the game, including the small eggs on the map, give the player the feeling that “the world exists” and thus they cannot let go of the game.

There are a few games that seek to give players a sense of ‘presence’, most of which are MMORPGs, which are massively multiplayer online role-playing games such as World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy and Guild Wars, and domestically produced games such as Fantasy West, Magic, Sword Art Online 3 and Original Gods. Although it is not a traditional MMO, it is still very good from the point of view of world design.

The mobile side of the game has quickly become more popular than the end-game audience since there is some technical support to accommodate the game, and many games have launched mobile versions while chasing the audience, and MMOs are naturally not immune. Just as the original Gods benefited from its excellent world setting, early MMO endgames sought to recreate their worlds for mobile phones. For example, Diablo: Immortal, Skyward Sword and Oracle, which have been available for some time, are all MMO endgame handhelds.

The recent re-release of the classic end-game “Magician” as a proper handheld sequel, “Magician Handheld 2” has been attracting a lot of player buzz since its peak test. Just as NetDragon Network is constantly trying to update the gameplay and quality of the game, it is also trying to create a truly popular MMO class handheld game to give players a unique “presence” on their mobile phones. I wonder if the era of MMO games will really come.

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