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    Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Will Feature Bodacious Beach Bod, But Who?

    Final Fantasy VII Rebirth isn’t out until early next year, but ahead of the game’s launch it’s been rated and…
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    The Witcher Series Is Ending After Fifth Season

    It is official: Netflix’s series based on The Witcherhas been renewed for a fifth and final season. The fourth season…
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    This Company Will Give You A Fortnite Batman Skin If You Generate Enough AI Porn

    Salad, a cloud computing and AI tech company, is renting high-end graphics cards found in gamers’ computers and using all…
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    Destiny 2 Brings Back The First Gun Players Ever Fired As A Powerful New Exotic

    Bungie’s been slowly peeling back the layers of Destiny 2: The Final Shape, unveiling systemic reworks, a new subclass, nitty…

    Relax the mood, release pressure: games are a good way of entertainment, can let people from the busy life and work temporarily free from the mood, relax and reduce pressure.
    Exercise thinking and reflexes: Many games require strategic planning, decision making, and quick reflexes, all of which can exercise the player’s thinking and reflexes to some extent.
    Social interaction: Games are also a social activity, and players can make friends through games, work in teams, and even participate in some offline gaming parties to increase social interaction.
    Improve concentration: Some games require a high level of concentration, which can improve the player’s concentration to some extent.
    Provide knowledge and education: Some games, such as puzzle games and historical simulation games, can also provide a wealth of knowledge and education to help players expand their horizons and learn more information.

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      Kids Want Digital Currency And Subscriptions More Than New Games This Xmas

      The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) has revealed new data showing kids want video game-related gifts more than anything else this…
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      Sony Fined For Playing Hardball Against Third-Party Controllers

      According to France’s Autorité de la concurrence, a government body responsible for regulating competition, Sony hasn’t been playing nice with…
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      Destiny 2 Just Shadow Dropped Its Most Important Reveal Ever

      Destiny 2’s 10-year story arc is grinding toward its ultimate conclusion, and some questions players have had for years are…
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