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DNF: The Sword Emperor has been strengthened again! Sub weapon adjustment changes, red letter power up bonus takes effect

The “Empire Lab” Chinese New Year activity copy, after the introduction of the transfer book props, but also let the sword emperor occupation, the number of once again reduced. Now the Korean service planning, the sword emperor sub weapon adjustment, more “mosquito legs” to enhance!The sword emperor has been strengthened.As we all know, the sword emperor role, in terms of setting, in addition to the main weapon can wear, but also can wear a secondary weapon. The secondary weapon boost is also very straightforward, enjoying a 10% bonus. However, at this stage, the Sword Emperor’s secondary weapons, with only Triple Attack and Strength, can provide a 10% effect. Note, depending on the level of enhancement, then the 10% bonus enjoyed, there will also be differences.

For example, if you have a 13 light sabre, you will have an additional 101 points of physical attack and 8 points of strength in the secondary weapon state. Since the “red letter of the other dimension” does not count towards the 10% bonus, most players can just wear the reinforced weapon and there is no need to get an increase.

But the official Korean service 3.16, the sword emperor’s secondary weapon adjustment, to fix the “can not enjoy the weapon other dimensional power bonus bug”, means, red word this part, can also have 10% of the other dimensional power bonus.

This is a good thing for the Sword Emperor, as it is a disguised enhancement.

This is the first time I’ve ever seen this.

In other words, if you want to maximize the damage, it is better to use an increase in your secondary weapon than to strengthen it. Some high-end sword emperors, reinforced with 15 secondary weapons, suddenly feel less fragrant.

If you know that a 15 weapon, with a red increase, can eat 10% of the other dimensional power, you can increase the power by 35 points, although it is a “mosquito’s leg”, it is better than nothing. The higher the augmentation weapon, the more power it can add as a secondary weapon!

For example, if you take the Red 20 Lightsabre, which is like a rainy ghost, as a sidearm, you can increase your power by 114. Of course, the red 20 lightsaber weapon is unique in the entire national service, and is bound to the sword soul, so who would use it as a secondary weapon?

The second weapon of the sword emperor, because the bug was fixed, can enjoy the 10% bonus of the red word of the other dimension, but for the player wearing the reinforced weapon, in fact, the impact is not much, a little more power bonus, in the case of milk, can dilute the “nothing”.

The actual fact is, to the sword emperor to get a secondary weapon, it is recommended or red word, why? The main thing involved is the probability. After the increase of 12 or more, eating medicine and pets under the role, the probability is fixed, 22% success rate. But strengthening is different, the probability of 12 or more, is not fixed, but getting lower and lower, more difficult than the increase on.

It never occurred to me that it was a bug that the Sword Emperor’s subweapon, Bizarro Red Power, did not enjoy a 10% bonus, but if it was a bug, why did it take so long to fix it? On the surface, the sword emperor sub weapon red letter bug fixed, but for this profession, the status did not help a little. Unless the sword emperor data is greatly enhanced, in order to return to the original peak, once again the achievement of “a knife sister” prestige. But the awakening specialization is gone, and the era of the “One Blade Sister” has come to a complete end.

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