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The new phantom beast system in Magic Handbook 2 is novel enough to keep you on your toes in the pinnacle test

Since its release in 2006, the endgame of Magic Online has been one of the most talked-about games in the MMORPG scene, with an incredible amount of users and enthusiasm. Now, after five years of hard work, a new and authentic sequel, Magic Handbook 2, has been officially launched in order to give back to players’ love for the game. And on 5th January this year, the Peak Test was launched. In this game, players can experience not only a wide range of gameplay from the old version, but also many novel designs. For example, the game’s graphics have been updated with the addition of new 3D graphics, making the game as a whole surpass previous generations. And the state-of-the-art UI rendering system also gives it an even higher level of art. So, I will give you a brief introduction to the brand new Magic Hand 2.

First of all, this time, Magic Hand 2 has a brand new increase to over a hundred kinds of phantom beasts in its phantom beast system. The official added a variety of phantom beast acquisition channels, so players will become very easy to get phantom beasts, and coupled with the new phantom beast icon function, which has a phantom beast detailed birthplace, attribute information and a variety of detailed information, can help each player can get their own preferred and suitable phantom beast. The new beast catalogue features detailed birthplace, attribute information and various details to help every player get the right beast of their choice. The newest addition is the unlimited growth of the beasts in “Magic Kingdom 2”, so that players can take advantage of the short time to let the beasts grow, which is very convenient.

In “Magic Kingdom”, players can choose an origin phantom beast and a secondary phantom beast to cultivate. In Magic Handbook 2, players can participate in a battle with three phantom beasts. In battle, the phantom beasts on the battlefield have four states: out, combined, resting and recalled, which can be set by clicking on the phantom’s avatar. In battle, the phantom beasts offer two ways to help, but they are hard to see in other games. The first is to follow the battle, that is, to go on a journey. In this case, the phantom animal will automatically attack enemy units and release skills and auras. Players can combine with up to three phantom beasts, and when combined, they can boost their combat power and attributes. Although the skills of the phantom beasts will still be released automatically, players will need to manually release the phantom beasts’ AoE skills, which must not be forgotten.

Players can divide the combined phantom beasts into three levels to share the damage. The outermost phantom beast will take the damage first, followed by the middle and inner. When a phantom beast takes unbearable damage, it loses its vitality, and a phantom beast that loses its vitality will fall into a brief ghost state, following behind the player. After five minutes, the phantom beast will automatically rejuvenate, and the player can use the ability to kill magical creatures, as well as use active secret potions to speed up the resurrection of the phantom beast. The base gameplay and optionality of the phantom beast in battle is high.

Seeing this, I wonder if all of you guys are already like me and can’t wait to go to the game and experience it for yourselves? So what are you thinking about? Hurry up to the official website to search and download “Magic Hand 2”, and I together with my own hands to cultivate only their own cute pet fantasy beasts!

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