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Fortress Night BattleEye Anti Cheat not updating? Modify Hosts

Preface If you find that your Fortnite game is inaccessible at the start of season 4, season 2, and the problem is “BattlEye update failed or keeps showing (stuck) updates”, please take this tutorial!General pop-ups for problems Before you start, you need to know what BattlEye is and why you need to change the “Hosts” file.BattlEye “BattlEye is an anti-cheat system that can be installed in many games. Epic Games is using both easy ANTI-CHEAT and BattlEye for Fortnite from this season onwards. The “Eye of War” anti-cheat system.

Why the “Hosts” file should be changed.

“Hosts” is a system file with no extension, which can be opened with a tool such as Notepad. Once found, the system will immediately open the corresponding web page, if not, the system will then submit the web address to the DNS domain name resolution server for IP address resolution.

All we need to do is to modify the system’s “Hosts” file to force the computer to resolve locally. The servers of “BattleEye” are located abroad, so it is almost impossible for domestic users to connect directly to the servers and update them without the use of accelerators or VPNs. To put it bluntly, this means that you can’t connect to the internet to update the “BattleEye” locally.

Finding the hosts file.

Step 2 Copy the hosts file from the folder and paste a copy in the current folder.

Make a copy of the hosts file.

Step 3 Right click on the copy file and select Open with Notepad.

Open the copy file with Notepad.

Step 4 Add the following text to the lowest part of the file.

Note: Remember to save! Remember to save! The previous ip address is for exporting to the USA, if there is still a failure to update after the modification is finished, please consider changing the export ip, you can also consider exporting to Russia:

Adding text.

Step 5 Rename the modified copy file to “hosts” and replace the original “hosts” file, finally ensuring that only 1 “hosts” file exists in this option folder “file.

Instructions Don’t worry about modifying the “hosts” file causing any problems with your computer, think about it, the file has no suffix and can be changed directly using Notepad, proving that Microsoft’s intention is to allow you to change it at will.

This solution was found by my own research after encountering the same problem, and I tested it myself, and it does work.

If you still can’t get into the game after modifying the file, please consider if you have a network problem.

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