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No.21 Mori Rest v3 Beta Changes Advisory Analysis

This v3 test suit has been optimized for speed, mechanics and feel, without any direct numerical changes, so let’s take a deeper look at the changes to this version of the character.No. 21 – Mori Hibiki I. [Core Passive] changes (1) [Shadow of the Forest]: “Activate Shadow of the Forest after the first entry or release of a move” was changed to “Activate Shadow of the Forest after each entry or release of a move”.

Explanation of the change.

You can only get a chance to enter the core and unleash the slowing field once if you get this qualification.

After understanding this concept and then look at this change, you will find that this does not have any impact on the normal flow of each entry to play a big move; but if the character does not open a big situation is a bit strange, the next entry does not have the qualification to release the core, this situation will rarely occur that is, after the change is also considered to allow some black technology play such as two entries to open a big to speed up the process.

(2) [Super Beam Liberation]: the release method of Super Beam is adjusted to continue to long press the pu attack / continuous tap pu attack & optimize the feel

Explanation of change.

This adjustment not only optimizes the character’s feel, but also improves the character’s lower limit.

The speed of Mori’s claw attack requires a certain amount of hand speed to reach the upper limit, while the default release speed is the upper limit when you long press to attack, effectively avoiding the player’s inability to speed up the process due to manipulation. It also optimizes the feel of the operation to reduce the cost of operation, combined with the v3 test service to optimize the feel of the claw attack (super beam chirping flash), the Mori breath is now more comfortable to use.

2. Adjustments to entry skills.

Before the change: Mori Hibiki will have a backward jumping action when entering the cage, which is fatal to the control of the cage distance and the feel of the long line rotation cut.

After the change: now the entrance skill is changed to three blue, and only the forward lunge action will not bounce back, so you can quickly approach the enemy with dodge. The long line wheel cut and other situations will not be because of the distance to pull away from the monster trigger chase judgment, which led to the monster become scattered.

Three, s5 ascending passive strengthening, mechanism optimization.

The original passive critical arc light reaches the upper limit of waking up qte to strengthen the core and big move open can wake up qte.

Explanation of the change: This mechanic optimization makes the output of Mori’s breath varied.

Before the change, you could only play one set of core and one move, and the double qte was often only pulled for the move.

After the change, the character has a nine-second output process, the core wake up qte that pull double qte, and then two big to wait for qte cold but turn well again wake up and pull double qte, somewhat similar to the deep scar technique, maximize the output.

Before the change, you needed to dent your core colour to use this maneuver, but after the change, you don’t need to bother with the colour at all.

Also this change means that the move wakeup is no longer tied to a full tier of cores, which may work wonders on certain bosses with less blood to carry Kulikko for a speed boost. As well as two ways to wake up qte means more flexible options, long lines can even be developed for 10 second double big flow usage (energy has bugs not to talk about it in depth for now) or other processes such as two entrances to put a big flow, qte is not easy to break the flow more comfortable. In addition, this optimization also has a pretty good ability to speed up, in the past, the claw attack (super beam chirping flash) must be played all the way, including the last section is very long and stinky. Now it is possible to discard the last part of the claw attack, which is a chicken, and open the move directly, and the speed is steadily increased by about 0.6 seconds.

4. Fixed the bug that “electric frequency burst” could not be triggered without carrying the exclusive weapon qte effect.

The change is explained.

The most important thing is that it is a good way to get the most out of your life. The same as Wanhua, this 20% of which 10% binding special martial arts, can be said to be quite conscientious hhh, after all, illusion play extreme day are binding ss ascending passive.

The problem that the character would attack during the release of the claw strike (super beam flash) was fixed.

Before the bug fix.

This bug was devastating to the game experience, and the speed boost was often due to this bug and the inability to finish the claw strike as soon as possible.

Explanation of the bug fix: After the bug fix, the claw strike was smooth and unhindered; the speed boost also brought a new output flow.

It is well known that the scarlet yew is lagging behind in its ability to assist and reduce resistance bound exclusive awareness. If you want Himawari to carry Da Vinci, you need Himawari to open with a Thunderfall to replenish the resistance reduction. The ideal situation would be for Himawari to poke the boss with three blue pokes to hang on to the second Ein effect and then drop the thunder to hit the character itself to reduce the resistance, but because of the speed optimization before it could not be done within eight seconds of playing a set of output of drop the thunder and Mori breath, the big move could not eat the second Ein effect. After the speed optimization, you can play it perfectly. With the support of Darwin two-piece set, Crimson Sparkle Da Vinci four-piece set and Extreme Day Guinness four-piece set, this set has a horrible output ability, and I look forward to the subsequent practical development.

Summing up.The v3 test suit did not make any direct numerical changes to the character, but the mechanism was optimized by optimizing the s5 ascending passive, making its output methods more varied and comfortable, and also having a better means of speeding up. The feel has also been optimised and now feels silky smooth. The claw strike still has the energy acquisition anomaly bug; the even entry core does not give the core bar bug.

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