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The Maui Crab is as bad as it gets, and the difference between its strength and its appearance is huge!

In the early promos for Generation IX, the Mao Yai Crab, a “treasure master”, gave people a particularly oppressive feeling, lying on the rock wall as a large crab, which made many players think that this Pokémon was definitely capable of causing trouble in the battle. “The Mao Cliff Crab is one such victim. After the real Ninth Generation was released, players realized that their Mao Cliff Crab was just about the same size, and its performance in matchmaking was particularly unsatisfactory.

Hairy Cliff Crab: Attributes (Rock), Characteristics (Rage Armor/Hardshell Armor/Regeneration Power) This article is purely a personal opinion, if there are any mistakes, please correct me.

The actual fact is that you’ll be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.

The first is the awkwardness of the pure rock system, the distribution of the racial value of the hairy crab is actually a lot of rock system is used badly, is heavy physical end, and the value of the special end is very general, and follow the speed is also stuck in a very awkward position, or a pure rock, the output side is already hampered, but also only a native output, hairy crab single racial value on the The fact that there is too much competition in terms of racial value alone, and the lack of reinforcement, and the lack of any burst of strength at a base of 100, it is no wonder that the contrast between the players before and after seeing the hairy crab is so great.

When the word “rage” appears, you should know that it is an effect that can only be triggered by an attack, i.e. when attacked by an opponent and HP falls below 1/2, defence and special defence are reduced by This is a poor quality version of the broken shell, the conditions for triggering even need to be in the case of unhealthy blood line, this even after triggering double defense is also reduced, which is a large number of disadvantages for the strengthening of the field after the hair cliff crab to stand, to be honest, if not for the lack of interference skills, otherwise it is better to play regenerative power.

The recommended move: rock avalanche crab claw hammer 100,000 horsepower shadow claw  keep  sword dance.

Recommended Taijing attributes: ghost, rock.

The main means of strengthening, Mao cliff crab actually has a sword dance, if you can consider it, double play, you can consider using the guard to increase flexibility, after all, there is little chance to dance, the basic pace or output, how to solve the problem of speed is a matter of teammates or carrying props, single to consider solving the problem of speed is actually destined to Mao cliff crab is not much of a way out, generally do not consider letting Mao cliff crab do too crystalization If you’re looking for a way to get the most out of your life, you’ll want to consider the ghost system to counter the other side, and the hairy crab can also learn the ghost system’s blindness skills Shadow Claw, oh, and if you’re playing alone, you can also scatter a rock nail or something when you’re a scattering nail hand, right?

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