Tournament Analysis

RNG: Inventory of RNG players’ signature heroes, get one, RNG is basically a sure win!

RNG is the number one team in the LPL at this stage, and in the rankings released by the authority ESPN, RNG is temporarily ranked as the strongest team in the world, so every player of such a super team is considered a world-class player. Can you guess?Uzi’s signature hero is actually not only the well-known VN, in the MSI final Kasha, also counted as Uzi’s signature hero, not only that, Uzi’s Xia appearance rate is also very high, the basic box of Uzi in addition to melee, most of the ADC use is very skilled, but Uzi’s favorite or VN, BP stage as long as the light VN, the audience will certainly send applause It’s just that this version of VN is too powerless!

ZizouHe is a very talented player, and he is very fast at mastering a new hero, which is very scary!

Spicy Hot PotMLXG’s signature hero was previously the Blind Monk, but now it’s probably NOC (Nightmare). He likes to play in the wild, the wild is not very attractive to him, instead, it is the heads on the line that he prefers. When RNG played SKT, he even caught the opposite No Hands and crossed the highland tower to kill the full-blooded No Hands in seconds, this wave, again, reminds people of the horror of the hunger strike!

Able Kiki, also known as Able, is also the LPL’s gaming inventor. Of course, this inventor is not derogatory, but only because Kiki is good at using non-mainstream heroes and playing styles himself, which is why he has this title. However, Kiki’s favourite would have to be Verus, whose style is not quite the same as Uzi’s, as he prefers to attack while Uzi likes to mop up and attack at the same time!

Letme is the face of AoN, so naturally his signature hero is also AoN. Letme’s AoN is very scary, with the team lacking control, he can bring the team back to life with just his AoN. In team battles, he can use AoN to deal and resist tons of damage, Letme’s AoN is very psychic, which is not the case when other players use AoN.

Ming Ming and Uzi play together, and there are quite a few heroes they use, but I think the signature hero has to go to Shen, Ming’s flash taunt is the highest success rate of almost all the players I’ve seen, and Ming’s assist Shen is also the most aggressive of almost all the players. He doesn’t seem to care about his own life and KDA.

Kassa Kassa has many common heroes, including Troll, Green Shadow, Scorpion, and more recently, Qian Jue, Kassa plays them all well, especially Qian Jue, Kassa is one of the first professional players in the LPL to use them, but I think his signature hero has to be Scorpion.

Tiger Cub There is basically no disagreement with Tiger’s signature hero, which is the Vampire. Once Xiao Hu got the vampire, no matter if it is playing mid-single or down the road, it is very aggressive, even playing top-single vampire, the same can complete the online kill, although recently Xiao Hu’s crow and Zoe are also very spiritual, but are not as enjoyable as the vampire looks, the signature hero awarded to the vampire should not have any opinion!

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