Tournament Analysis

missing praises ruler as perfect, only to be trolled by his own ad: suddenly he’s boring

Pre-Leader: JDG won the match once again, and it made sense for them to win as RA is not a strong team. After the match missing was interviewed by the English stream and ruler was interviewed on the main stage. When it came to each other, the two players gave completely different answers, leaving us quite confused.Since joining the LPL, ruler has been praised for his high emotional intelligence. He treats his fans very gently, offering to incline his head when posing for photos, and calling out the team for hosting a fan meet and greet. In less than a season, ruler has become one of the most popular players in the LPL, with fans praising him for his high emotional intelligence.

The missing complimented ruler for being perfect in every aspect, only to be trolled by his own ad.

However, this time, ruler’s answer was very confusing, as he was trolling while his assistant missing was complimenting him. Also in the interview, the host Cheyenne asked the assistant: you and ruler are getting better and better together, so how would you rate your bottom team and how would you rate ruler as a player?

Missing said: “We are a top team, but we don’t play too well together, I think ruler is the perfect ad in every aspect. But do the other team think so too? In an interview with ruler at the tournament, Yu Feng asked him how he felt about the spring tournament as a whole. ruler said: “I feel that LPL as a whole is more fun and interesting, and I want to grow more in the playoffs to reach the msi.

Yu frost asked him about his evaluation of missing and ruler said: missing is boring. The ruler’s comment was “naughty”, so it was hard to understand when he suddenly said that Missing was boring. The company has been praised for its high level of emotional intelligence. He was always praised for his high emotional intelligence, why did he suddenly “backstab” the support team?

The ruler suddenly found missing boring and had problems after less than a season?

Personally, I think it’s a matter of grammar. The boredom in ruler’s mouth might be some kind of flirtation, or the translation might be too straightforward and not translated into a more everyday meaning, which makes it sound bad. It’s not hard to understand how difficult it is to translate in real time like this, and it’s hard to do it perfectly in such a short period of time.

I felt that missing was in a good mood, as his parents were there to watch the match and the announcer gave frequent shots to both parents. After the win, missing’s parents were applauding him. Cheyenne said that the player himself was so happy that he was looking for where his parents were after the game, so it was clear that missing missed his family a lot.

The atmosphere in the JDG team should be good, and the ruler player is not fluent in Chinese, so he can’t understand what missing is saying and can’t flirt with each other in Chinese, so how can they “see each other”?

I think to win a match you need not only potential and strength, but also atmosphere and mentality. JDG is a team that we have high hopes for, and the management of the team will not let their players get bored with each other, so hopefully they can gel better and go further in the playoffs. Let’s hope they can gel better and go further in the playoffs.

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