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LPL Spring LNG 2 0 TES; designer Ghost Crab leaves: no impact on MMO game development

Stereotypes are often hard to change unless you can respond strongly. LNG, who have always been a “tiger in the head” in the regular season, have turned the tide with their performance this season. On the other hand, there is also a big news on the internet. Ghost Crab, who has been working at Fist for 9 years and assisting in the development of League of Legends MMO game, has decided to leave ……

The actual LOL circle hotspots of today’s edition.

LNG takes off its “pseudo-strong team” hat.

When LNG was first called the Snake, it was a case of a strong performance in the early part of the regular season, a struggle in the middle, and a shambles in the late. This often made it difficult for LNG fans to put their minds at ease during the first half of the season. But as the season has progressed, LNG have beaten a number of top ranked teams. And in last night’s match against TES, they even completed a 2-0 sweep.

LNG and TES had the same number of losses due to their defeat to OMG last weekend. The win of this BO3 match would therefore determine who would finish in the top two of the table. But LNG got the upper hand thanks to Scout+Tarzan’s midfield rhythm and better operational strategy, and the subtle teamwork helped LNG have the last laugh.

LNG has been a long time coming, but this is actually the first time they’ve beaten TES in the regular season, and so far both LNG and EDG are 9-2 and in first and second place in the standings. And one thing to note is that LNG’s subsequent schedule is friendly, with opponents JDG, AL, IG, UP and LGD.

Apart from JDG, who is a big rival, all the other teams are at the bottom of the rankings. If LNG can continue their good performance now, it is not a dream to hit the top of the division. Scout, who has won most of the team’s MVPs since the spring season, is likely to be the regular season MVP by then.

LNG may be able to go further in the S13 season than in previous years, as they have been able to shake off their “pseudo-team” label with their hard work.

The only double five-kill mid laner of the season is suspected to be in rotation.

The 17 teams in the LPL are now in a clear position to qualify for the playoffs. For some of the lower ranked teams, it is already time to consider the issue of reinforcement for the new season. The former V5 coach, Han Yi, recently broke the news of UP’s new mid laner on Weibo. Forge, who played for AL from IG youth training, will be in UP’s roster.

This season, UP has almost built a brand new squad, with Ning Wang, Baolan and Doggo all well-known players. In the middle position, UP chose newcomer Qing, who impressed the audience with two five-kill matches in the early part of the season.

However, Qing’s performance on the field has not been as good as expected, and UP’s overall performance in the spring season has not been good, currently ranking 15th in the league. One of the easiest solutions to this problem is to rotate the squad to find a breakthrough.

Forge, who specialises in the spiky hero, has not found a team for the spring season, and there is no reason for him to turn down the offer. As for why bring in reinforcements at this point in the season? It’s a common practice for LPL teams to use the few remaining matches that have nothing to do with their records to sharpen their players. But we’ll have to wait for UP’s official announcement to be released.

So, how much of a boost do you think the mid-rotation will bring to the UP team?

Head of League of Legends MMO game leaves.

The League of Legends game has become a big IP after more than ten years of development, and Fist has been laying it out since as early as 2020. Geared towards different areas and trying out new game genres. MMO online play, which can attract as many players as possible to join, is one of them.

The MMO, whose name has not been revealed to the public, has been in the hands of Ghost Crab. The former Blizzard gamer has a knack for creating MMO games. But a few days ago, Ghost Crab announced that he was leaving his nine-year tenure at Fist for personal reasons.

For that League of Legends MMO game that is in development, Ghost Crab explained that his departure will not have much of an impact. He has built a professional enough team over the past three years. It was actually the best time to hand over the reins of command. And in due course, the game will be officially met with the players.

Not much has been revealed to the outside world about his next home, but it was clearly mentioned that he will still be working in the game development industry in the future and that he has already been offered an olive branch by a company.

There’s just no telling what kind of company Ghost Crab will be joining, having worked for some of the top companies in the industry, from Blizzard to Fist.

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