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DNF: God ho to get 30 sets of Spring Festival, a Luke did not play, small number ghost weeping direct graduation

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things.Especially this year’s Chinese New Year version and 95 version together online, warriors in order to meet the 95 version in a better posture, have gotten 12 sets of Chinese New Year! This year’s Chinese New Year set compared to the previous year, the contents of the packs are not very different, buy more and send more is the biggest highlight of this year, buy 12 sets directly send a set of 90A, buy 11 sets directly send trance set, buy 10 sets directly send Hyperion embryo! That is to say, after buying a set, no longer have to suffer the liver abyss, no longer have to liver Luke daily, many tycoons for these equipment, have kryptonite to buy!

This is one of the many tycoons who have nearly 500,000 points in the lower left corner of their backpacks. It seems that this player intends to buy 12 sets of Chinese New Year to give himself a small number of Ghostbusters to put together a level 90 outfit to facilitate quick graduation! The player found a “good thing” in the points mall after getting 12 sets of Chinese New Year packs, which actually allowed him to graduate quickly, even without having to fight Luke and Hyperspace!

This is the “splendid material gift bag” in the points mall, 10 points can buy one, can randomly open out the group book material! After discovering this prop, this tycoon hurriedly exchanged all the thousands of points he had for the material gift bag, originally thinking that the gift bag was a joke, but he didn’t expect the final number of materials to be considerable!

The player directly opened out 384 dark matter and 272 dark roots, which is equivalent to 48 dark energy and 54 magic rocks ah, if you have a lot of points, will not be able to directly Luke overtime graduation? The fastest way to get points is to charge kryptonite, after thinking again and again, this big man again bought 18 sets of annual sets, that is to say, this big man bought a total of 30 sets of annual sets!

The first thing you can see is that the tycoon chose a set of 90A plate armor, but after purchasing 30 sets of annual sets, he had upgraded his plate armor to the Seven Deadly Sins, and his jewellery from the original trance set to the overtime jewellery! The actual fact is that you can do whatever you want.

The actual fact is that you can get a lot more than just a few days into the 95 version, he burst out of the two Tebowers special equipment, that is to say, he did not have to play Luke to upgrade Hyperion, directly with 600 materials to exchange the finished product on it! And this big man is now full of fatigue Star Rift every day, in order to speed up his equipment progress, if burst out a Vaulted Tiber, then this big man’s equipment is truly graduated, and also exceeded 90% of the veteran players! In this player’s equipment progress, the biggest contribution is not the Spring Festival set of more to buy more to send, but can open the legendary gift bag of the group material, if you have enough money, then you can equal the old players in the equipment progress, or even beyond, the game Jun think this is a thing that destroys the balance, do you think?

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