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We have played ten large 3D online games, the classics will never be eliminated

Hello, dear pals.Online games are the kind of games that every gamer has been exposed to, it is richer than the content of single-player games, more playable than single-player games, and most importantly, it can be played online with players PK or cooperation, so it is more fun to play and feel rich, what are the more classic online games you have played back in the day?This issue of the big T to inventory for you ten, in the year we have played the large 3D online games, really fun game, so far have not stopped serving.1, “sword spirit.

In 2014 by Tencent agent, a, South Korean large fantasy action online game. Its graphics are very exquisite and also adjustable to the player’s computer configuration, the higher the computer configuration, the higher the picture quality the player can open, and the picture quality will not affect the experience of the game itself.

The game’s main gameplay features open world, action adventure and RPG role-playing with a huge map to explore and fight and upgrade and collect equipment. Enemies in different areas will vary in strength, so players should always be aware of how much they can handle. This game is fun to play and relatively addictive as the collecting and fighting in the game is very addictive.

2. Blades of Blight.

Launched in 2014, the game is a magical online RPG with a large action theme, and is distributed by Tencent in China. The game’s graphics are not particularly impressive, and the core of the game is in its combat and co-op aspects.

The game plays like a “3D version of Dungeons & Dragons”, focusing entirely on leveling up and collecting equipment, as well as leveling up and gaining experience. There are plenty of props and exotic weapons and equipment, and it’s fast-paced and challenging to play. This game was also a hit in internet cafes back in the day.

3、Tower of Eternity.

This game is relatively classic, in April 8, 2009 launched the national version, domestic by Sheng fun game agent, the picture quality is relatively sudden, out of the female human object dynamic special effects, weather effects and physical details to deal with very fine, and such an online game to play is also relatively addictive.

The most interesting part of the game is that multiple players can join together to challenge difficult copies of the game, which can lead to higher attributes and better equipment. The most attractive thing about this game back in the day was its detailed picture quality, followed by the rich gameplay.

4. The War Trilogy.

The Trilogy of War includes three equal online war games, World of Tanks, World of Warships and World of Warplanes, and each of these three games has its own characteristics and its own gameplay.

World of Warplanes and World of Battleships are relatively challenging to play because the control of warplanes is not that easy and mistakes are often made, while World of Battleships has some strategic elements in it, unlike World of Tanks which is a close range battle, while World of Battleships is mostly about calculating the distance to the enemy at a distance and then attacking. Now among these three online games, the largest number of online players is probably “World of Warships” and “World of Tanks”, which is also the hottest and most popular large online game of the year.

5、The Gun God Chronicles.

It is a third-person, stylish style action shooter developed independently by the domestic Tencent Linlang Heavenly Studio, using the Unreal 3 engine. The graphics style appears to be somewhat secondary and cartoon fashion, and some young style, this kind of game experience, often for the player to bring a relaxed decompression feeling.

The most striking character is the female character “Blade”, who wears a school uniform. She has a very agile stance and melee expertise, and can be used to achieve good results in competitive play. She was also very popular back in the days of Guns N’ Roses.

6. Counter-Strike.

It is also an FPS shooting online game produced by the domestic Tencent Linlang Heavenly Studio. It was launched in 2011, using the Unreal 3 engine, and its picture quality was much better than the equivalent “Crossfire” back then, and the game “Reverse War” was developed to replace “Crossfire” back then, but both games were so good that they eventually failed to replace it, forming two different types of online games.

The best feature of Counter-Strike is that it knows how to innovate, constantly adding new props, new content and large stand-alone material to make the game more fun and to extend the life of the game without causing players to get bored and lose interest. The players who often play “reverse war”, can always feel a new feeling in this, it is the classic online game, to this day there will be a lot of people playing.

7、”Strictly Come Dancing.

This game was of interest to both male and female players back in the day. It is a cartoon fashion style song and dance sports game, the main gameplay is to follow the tips on the screen, button triggering, so that people follow the music dance, and beautiful movements, strong sense of rhythm, some players interested in music, in which they can play a fancy.

The game also has more than just dancing inside, there are also some nurturing elements, you can dress up your character in the game, unlock more dancing moves, the most important point is that you can interact with online players in depth, there are some individual players, in this game to find the future of that TA, in the zero years, this game basically took the whole Internet bar by storm.

8, “Rocky Heroes.

It is a fantasy-type large RPG action game launched by South Korea NEXON on December 22, 2011, and is operated by Shengshi Tiancheng agent in China. The biggest highlight of this game is also the picture quality, the detailed effects and dynamics of the characters, are very detailed, for the role, leaning towards femininity, played players, most of the players used female characters back then.

The main gameplay is also to fight and upgrade and to collect equipment. The combat system is also very good, you can use a variety of cold weapons and skill moves, attack pieces of enemies, to reach different areas can also attack some BOSS type of enemies, online players can also PK or cooperation brush map, play a lot of fun, in the year, because of its quality of painting and beautiful female characters, also attracted a lot of players.

9, “CF Cross Fire

Cross Fire” is the work of every online game player in China, in which the content is rich, playing mode a lot, team and blasting play with competitive, like to collect and props, but also multiplayer online biochemical challenge mode, after completing all the waves, you can get crystal box, gold box, or bronze box and silver box, each kind of box inside will open out different strength of props.

The biggest feature of the game is the rich weapon system and character modeling, especially the guns, which have artifact-level weapons that have a different feel for every player, and the specific feelings that people who have played know. However, putting all this aside, just look at the essence of the game, the experience is still very good, in 2007 online to date, there is still a large part of the players online.

10. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike Global Offensive is known as CSGO for short. It was released on Steam on 22 August 2012, and plays like the old classic Counter-Strike, retaining the original flavour and even some of the classic sound effects and old maps, but with a remake and much improved graphics.

CSGO is a complete online game, and can not LAN online, but completely Internet battle game, in the game also launched a lot of gun skin and character appearance, after completing each game competition, according to the score, players can get a box, can open their own use, but also can be put into the platform for trade. CSGO this game is not only in the domestic fire, even the world’s most popular first person shooting online game.

So this issue of this 10 large 3D online games, for you to inventory here.

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