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LPL playoffs start, EDG sun poster! Netizen: Factory C hints at a return to the game?

The LPL playoffs are finally here and the opening match is finally not an IG team.EDG versus SN, the gap between the performance of the two teams in the summer season is relatively large, EDG although also from the first round, but EDG’s regular season results are the fifth place, while the SN team is the eighth, seemingly not a big difference, but the gap between the strength of which is still quite large! EDG had a good top player, but could never buy a good wild card!

EDG Poster.

EDG’s poster is still the same old tradition, with the starters in the front row, the substitutes in the back row, and the captain in the C position! However, the poster was taken on time despite the fact that the factory manager has not appeared in the whole summer tournament, which may indicate something, can’t it be that the factory manager is coming back? After all, EDG’s newcomer Jiejie is known as Olaf’s human pillar, except for Olaf, other heroes are basically a mess.

As soon as the “hot” man appeared, he attracted all sorts of concerned eyes, led by none other than top official names like Tencent Esports. For the vast majority of LPL viewers, Factory Leader is no longer just a professional player, he is a religion, a god-like existence in the LPL, and even though he is older and no longer has the same dominance on the field as before, he is still the 001 of the LPL, which is why he has such a high degree of popularity! However, there is a very real problem, the Factory Manager has no record of appearances in the regular season throughout the summer, which means that the Factory Manager has no chance to participate in the playoffs, so the possibility of the Factory Manager coming out is very small, unless Jiejie has a big problem, and will only be transferred out of the Factory Manager as a last resort, and re-dressed to play again!

Scou Scout is also the most stable point of EDG, he is the top player of Akali, Tsar and Demon Girl, if we can give Scout the hero that he is comfortable with and let Scout suppress Maple in the middle, then EDG will not win the game. It’s not hard for EDG to win the game!

SMLZ The SN side’s tactics are even simpler, all resources are tilted to SMLZ, the old thief gets the economy, the teammates provide the output space, then SN can take the game! If you look at SN’s previous matches, they were all won in this way! So, whether EDG can limit SMLZ, this is also a very important point! And definitely, SN and EDG are playing the opening game, the rookie players on EDG’s side have obviously never seen such a scene, it’s also important if Jiejie can resist the pressure, but that’s not a problem for veteran players like SMLZ and Scout.

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