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TES team voice revealed, so the players have been so “inflated”? The coach dislikes jkl hero sea

The TES team’s voice was revealed before the end of the group stage, and the players have become so “inflated”? The coach disliked the sea of heroes of jkl and others.Inflation.The LPL team is the most popular team in the LPL, and the LGD team is the most popular team in the world.The number one seeds have never been in great form, perhaps because they saw too many worried fans before the tournament, perhaps because they were scared by the qualifiers LGD, and TES should be the most heavily trained team in the Worlds. That’s why they are playing so steadily. After all, this is a new team in the Ss, and it’s rare for them to perform like this.

Moreover, TES have been very low-key for a while and look like they are focusing on the game. The audience is very pleased and hope they continue with this attitude. However, that’s not what the TES coaches and players think. After the team’s voice was revealed, it became clear how “inflated” they were.

During the three games, Shui only took one hero, Saina. bp, jkl himself said: I am Saina king, Saina human pillar force. The coach, White Moon, was a bit disgusted with their “sea of heroes” and said: “It’s hard to bp if you have a lot of choices. Our opponents and I are having trouble choosing our line-ups and banning heroes.

Casa listened and said bluntly: are you talking about us? Oops, our problem, we shouldn’t have practiced so many heroes. Left Hand said: we shouldn’t have practiced, and Prophet followed suit: there’s no way, there are too many that we know. Aizu said: I should only know one Xena, and Casa was still unrelenting: I’ll go back and become a barrel juggling brother.

Easy The coach got scared and advised them: they still need to practice more then, they should still be in trouble, but of course, instead of saying it was tes inflation, they played too easily. Although it was their first time on the Worlds stage, several players played well and the game was very easy.

However, you could tell that Left Hand was a bit nervous. He was very helpless when Sindelar was banned and was advised by his coach that it meant they were afraid to face you head on, why are you panicking, you have so many other heroes. White Moon then got the noc and Casa was still relieving Left Hand on the side.

Ah Shui very warmly comforted said: k emperor noc debut, the prophet said: remember to put out e, just this one request, you do not press not out ah. At that, several players laughed, Casa said that they were too low, and the left hand seemed to relax a lot. The coach said that the left hand was the best and the prophet had to cover the id for the left hand, he hastily stopped it saying that would be too wimpy.

Summing up Personally, I think the most relaxed new player at this Worlds should be 369. I didn’t expect the top singer, who doesn’t look very stable, to be the type of player who gets more relaxed the more people there are and the bigger the stage. On the other hand, it was Left Hand, the player everyone had been looking at, who seemed a bit nervous.

In these three games, Left Hand really didn’t have much of a presence, and the players were trying to persuade him. Let’s hope that in the next match, Left Hand will be able to recover well, regain his confidence and play in his own style.

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