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AD GAP?TES loses a game to BLG, comment section can’t control it: AD gap is too big

Previous guide: Before the match between TES and BLG, there were several other teams such as WBG and JDG playing each other. Perhaps they also wanted to end the game early and watch TES play BLG, with the first two games going quickly, giving TES and BLG plenty of opportunity to play. However, the outcome of this game was not at all in doubt.BLG and TES were on a similar ranking but in completely different form, BLG had won three in a row after kicking coach dian and duan and were on a roll, while TES had lost three in a row and kicked White Moon to no avail. As expected, TES had the vanguard in the first game, but the group battle was shattered when they touched it, BLG got the dragon and won the first game.

This time no one dumped the coach, TES lost BLG one game comment section can not control.

This time, the TES coach chose Uphillus for Ah Shui, the “moon man” that has been played recently. Because of his loss to VCS in the World Cup, Shui was teased as “Moon Man Rotten Milk”. He had lost to Uphalius with Zelie before, and at the start of this game, the coach picked Uphalius for Shui.

Unfortunately, as usual, the ad’s play was messy and the opposite side took the first head. The main anchor of De Yunshi, Kid Yushen, trolled: rookie what are you doing, why don’t you protect the ad, so elk matchups mvp ah! In fact, Kid Yushen deliberately trolled Ah Shui for playing badly and struggling to win the game.

As expected, TES lost the first game to BLG team, and the fans couldn’t sit still. A few of the previous losses could still find fault with others, with coach White Moon, playmaker Xiao Tian and mid laner rookie all being mentioned. The problem in this game was undoubtedly on ad, and the comment section couldn’t be controlled after the game, with viewers blaming Ah Shui for playing badly.

Play Zelie can’t beat efls, play efls can’t beat Zelie ad gap is too big.

Some people say that Ah Shui can’t beat Efls when he plays Zelie and can’t beat Zelie when he plays Efls, which is totally ad gap. There are also people calling for White Moon to come back as soon as possible: finally I know why he didn’t take the lower road big core, Ah Shui simply can’t play. After the game ad was rushed, even the TES team’s comment section was clear of mockery, not to mention the other comment sections.

If they continue to lose like this, TES will not be able to move forward. Last season they had a good run up north and were gaining momentum. This season, TES was ranked high, but somehow lost a few games and went all the way “south”, which is incomprehensible. Apparently, there is a problem with the mentality of TES players, especially in the ad position.

The new TES coach was also more daring, giving Ah Shui a big core in the first game and a barrel in the middle in the second game, and the bp was baffling. Maybe they felt that the team atmosphere was bad and it was easy to lose, so they might as well just let it fly? I think that the players probably had their own ideas too before settling on such a lineup.

Personally, I don’t think TES’ current problems can be solved by a white moon. It would also be very one-sided if it was just because it was an AD gap that led to the loss. In my opinion, TES desperately needs to address two issues.

One of them is the mentality issue. After three consecutive losses, the public opinion winds up very badly, causing the players to have an up and down mentality. Their mentality has always been a big problem, and it was evident at last year’s Worlds, when they got into a passive situation, it led to a very strange pressure on the team and made it difficult to win matches.

The second is that the pace of the game is extremely poor, such as the small dragon can not control, Jax does not lead the line, the group battle is chaotic open and so on. To give a simple example, in the first game, after catching the BLG wilderness and opening the dragon, no one tried to limit the opponent’s positioning, resulting in the opposite side of the four to five dragon to win the group battle, TES fell into a disadvantage.

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