Tournament Analysis

T1’s absolute domination of LCK, DK loses seven straight to T1, Faker’s middle dominance untouched

The s13 season has opened, for the majority of players, they are very concerned about the recent period of the spring season, especially the lck division is very exciting. The regular season is not over yet, but the teams for the playoffs have already been decided, and the four teams at the bottom of the rankings have already been eliminated. t1 team has been very bright this season, and has become the focus of all players. In the match against dk, T1 was very consistent, easily sweeping their opponents 2-0 without giving them any chance. faker’s demon girl performed well and was named MVP after the match, and in the interview, T1’s Xiao Lu Bu was also very confident.

DK, the strongest team in the LCK division, has repeatedly won good results on the world stage. Their mid and field combinations are highly regarded, so the introduction of their new AD player Deft has also filled fans with anticipation. However, DK didn’t have any advantage against T1, even from the lane, who, as a top team, may have lost a match before the end of the regular spring season, but this match was a highlight for the players. The clash between the two top teams will always have many exciting moments. Faker’s siren has won 16 matches in a row, showing the strength and consistency of the T1 team.

In a recent LCK match, Team T1 took on Team DK and won easily with a score of 2-0. In the post-match interview, the T1 players expressed their delight at the victory and said that the match was very helpful to check their form and laid a good foundation for the next playoffs. In contrast, DK’s players looked a bit disappointed. Deft said in the interview that although he had tried various strategies, the gap with T1 had not closed.

DK’s coach Acorn, on the other hand, pointed out in his analysis of the match the scenes where the lower lane was overtaken by the tower and the lower lane caught dominance, while also mentioning the dominance of T1’s mid-field combo. It is worth mentioning that this is the seventh time that DK lost against T1, making it hard for them to come out of T1’s shadow. However, as a top team, DK still has a chance to play T1 again in the playoffs, and it will be interesting to see what kind of sparks they will bring.

From the current tournament situation, T1 has an unshakable dominant position in the LCK region, and it is difficult for other teams to pose a threat to them. The team’s roster is also the biggest weight in the MSI, and is expected to be the most important opponent for the LPL teams.

In addition, at the upcoming Asian Games, it is also important to keep a close eye on T1’s lineup. After all, the main lineup of the Korean team is likely to be T1’s lineup, and unless something unexpected happens, only the fielders are likely to be replaced, while all other positions are unlikely to change.

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