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WBG shut out NIP and lock up a playoff spot! Netizens chortle: Lantern King’s fifth anniversary of debut in the best possible way!

The League of Legends S13 spring season, the LPL regular season schedule, is nearing its end. The team that is interested in the playoffs, or even hoping to get MSI tickets (we can have two teams for MSI this year), all opened up the point grabbing mode. According to the schedule, there will be three matches on the Super Weekend of March 18: WBG vs NIP, RA vs JDG, and the highlight match TES vs BLG!

According to the rules, except for JDG, all the other five teams, including NIP at 4 bar 9, have a chance to get a ticket to the playoffs. For JDG, they are in desperate need of wins to ensure that they get the resurrection armour. That said, each of these three games is crucial.

And in this first game, WBG, unsurprisingly, easily shut out NIP to guarantee themselves a playoff ticket of their own! And these two games were also teased by netizens as a fun game for the fifth anniversary of the Lantern King player’s debut!

In the first game, W?BG blue side, banned Foygo, Big Tree, Verus, Cern and Jax, chose Crocodile, Spider, Jace, Policewoman and Lax; N?IP red side, banned Azure, Blind Monk, Kenan, Nair and Little Cannon, chose Quisanti, Huangzi, Beaver, Zeli and Lulu.

As I said earlier, NIP still have a chance to qualify for the playoffs according to the strict system of the tournament. But a theory is always a theory, and anyone with a good eye knows that NIP will not be able to get a playoff spot in this spring season. Perhaps it was this mentality that led to a completely different mindset between the two teams in the NIP-WBG game. Such a mentality led to the two teams letting loose and playing big in the first inning of the game. But WBG, with the stronger players, easily won the first set in 24 minutes!

In the second game, W?BG blue side, banned Foygo, Da Shu, Akali, Cern and Silas, and chose Stoneman, Serjoni, Little Cannon, Zelie and Lulu; N?IP red side, banned Chu Yu Jing, Spider, Blind Monk, Nair and Quisanti, and chose Kenan, Monkey, Cindra, Euphras and Annie.

WBG replicated their game from the first game, easily beating NIP to zero dragon towers in 22 minutes and 37 seconds, with both sides leaving work early! These two games, in addition to the pizza brother and sun brother, the other play more carried out, when the lamp emperor up. Five years after his debut, he finally had a fun game!

WBG swept NIP in straight sets, and after both sides went off at light speed, WBG got their ninth big win of the season, making WBG the fourth team to lock up a playoff spot, after EDG, LNG and JDG. NIP, on the other hand, are simply relaxed and in the company of the Dark Four, so cheers again for the summer season!

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