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King’s Glory: What are Daji’s strokes tips? There’s something to be said for the simple newbie hero

In King’s Glory, Daji is a newbie mage hero.It’s a newbie hero, so naturally it’s very easy to get started.But just because it’s a simple hero doesn’t mean there are no rules.This article will briefly discuss how to play Daji.I. Introduction of skillsDaji’s passive skill “Lost Heart” will reduce the target’s spell defense for 3 seconds after the skill hits the target, with a maximum stack of three layers.The minimum reduction is 30 and the maximum is 72, depending on the level of your hero.

I’ve described the difference between fixed penetration and percentage penetration before, and generally speaking, fixed penetration is stronger upfront.

For example, if you have 88 legal penetration inscriptions, 75 legal penetration shoes, and 3 layers of passive, you will have 88+75+30*3=253 legal penetration points. We are still counting the lowest passive of Daji.

This means that if the enemy only has a toughness shoe and no other legal defense equipment, it is basically the same as running around naked.

The first skill “Soul Shock” is a non-directional skill that can be released in the direction of your choice. It is Daji’s main consuming, damaging and harvesting skill.

This skill has a slight forward swing, but with the second skill control, the hit rate is still very good.

The second skill “Iconic Charm” is a directional skill, which means that if you release it, it will usually automatically chase the target and hit it.

Because of the low damage and the 1.5 second stun effect, it is often used as a first strike skill.

The “idol worship” move is also a directional skill, but the 5 balls of fox fire will randomly attack the targets within the skill’s coverage. Especially when there are many opponents, it is likely that the skills will be scattered to multiple targets, which will not result in a second kill.

Two, play skills.

After a simple introduction of skills, in fact, the skills are also roughly out.

1, is generally 231 of the sequence of strokes. Because the second skill has control and damage is low, suitable for the first hand control and stacking passive, to the subsequent skill output to provide conditions. The 5-stage damage will make the target’s legal defense drop significantly if it hits a target, giving the highest damage to the first skill again to do padding. The last with a skill to complete the harvest.

2, the best way is definitely squat grass. The best way to get the most out of your life is to get the most out of your life.

Even if your hands are fast enough to release the third skill at the same time as the second skill is released, the target can still move away from you by releasing the summoner skill “flash” during the flight of the second skill. Although the two or three skills will still hit the target’s face, your subsequent one skill will be hard to guarantee a hit.

If you have played Daji, you know that you can’t kill your opponent with just two skills and a big move, but one skill is the killing blow.

The first skill is the killer blow. Even when the target has “Pure Vault”, “Glowing Moon” and other life-saving clothing, the active skills of these equipment are released during the flight of the second skill, it is impossible for Daji to kill them. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on this.

So, crouching in the grass can make the attack more sudden and not give the opponent too much time to react.

Or, for the sake of suddenness, you can also use the “flash two skills” to achieve the purpose of the surprise attack. This is because Daji has a good single capture effect, and a good protection against enemy assassins, but she is not very effective in serious team battles, mainly because the damage is easily dispersed, and her hands are still short.

So, seize the opportunity to “flash two skills” a set of the opponent’s core C for one is not a disadvantage.

But this must be built on your full knowledge of your own damage, otherwise it will be embarrassing.

3, if you are playing consumption, try to release skills in the limit position. One is because the distance is far more secure, and then another is because the limit position, often the coverage of the big move within the target less, or even only a target, easier to play the damage full. It is better to injure its ten fingers than to break its one finger.

4, if the shooter is a big core, then you do not do anything else, on the enemy assassin cut him is. The actual fact is that you’ll be able to get a lot more than just a few of the most popular and popular items. The actual assassins are generally played a set by Daji, the key is also with control, that shooter as long as not stupid inevitably can counter kill.

5, Daji’s overall playing style is mainly two kinds.

One is the desperate development, because there is no economic Daji is not a second person. The actual fact is that a person can’t get a person’s attention.

The second is similar to the way Zhang Liang plays, which is to catch people, catch people everywhere, and catch people on the line.

The reason is that Daji’s second skill is really disgusting. The first thing we said about flashing to restrain Daji’s second skill and all that is actually based on escaping or having certain equipment.

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things.

After level four, although it is very difficult to second people by yourself, but as long as there are teammates, group second kill each other is not difficult.

I once played a five row Daji + Wang Zhaojun (Anchila) mid-assist combination, Daji a second skill, even the rest of it does not need to care.

These mages do high damage themselves, they are just afraid of not being able to hit people. With Daji’s first hand control, it’s a bit hard to justify not being able to hit again. The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of these. The first and middle stages of the game are just a matter of who you see.

The conclusion.

The newest hero, Daji, is not too difficult to operate. However, the control of the details is still demanding, especially awareness, to guess where to crouch people, and not crouch to five people, it is a very test of people.

Overall, this hero’s ceiling is not high, play a happy.

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