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Among Us developer launches indie fund Outersloth to give others a helping hand

Innersloth, the developer behind lockdown sensation Among Us, has launched a fund to help other indie developers.

It’s called Outersloth, and was announced at this evening’s Summer Game Fest showcase. Coming on to the stage, Victoria Tran and Forest Willard acknowledged it has been a “rough time” in the industry recently, with layoffs and studio closures across the board.

“Some devs don’t really get the chance they deserve, so we thought we could help out a bit,” Willard said. The duo then introduced Outersloth, with a small peek at some of the games benefiting from this fund. You can check it out below.

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There are nine titles currently under Outersloth’s funding arm:

  • Battle Suit Aces from Trinket Studio – From the creators of Battlechef Brigade, this card-battling RPG lets you captain your own epic tale in upgradable mecha Battle Suits.
  • Project Dosa from Outerloop Studio – From the creators of Thirsty Suitors, discover and cook new dosa recipes, help the locals, and fight off enemies in your mech to reunite with your loved ones.
  • Mossfield Archives from Studio Any Percent – A relaxing and beautiful game about exploring and building connections.
  • Rogue Eclipse from HUSKRAFTS – A roguelike space fighter for the new age. Master your aerial skills and soar through a galaxy inspired by Arab Futurism.
  • ONE BTN BOSSES from Midnight Munchies – It’s in the name. Push, tap, and bash your way through galactic bosses and upgrade your ship.
  • Mars First Logistics from Shape Shop – Build physically simulated rovers and transport awkwardly shaped cargo across the surface of Mars.

New games by Visai Games (Venba), Strange Scaffold (El Paso, Elsewhere), and Coldblood Inc. have also been funded, the team said. However, these are yet to be revealed.

“We’re in a rare spot where we have a lot of stability and privilege as indie game developers. And we thought – what the heck do we do now? Sure, we like making games, but there are too many cool game ideas,” Willard said in a press release annoucing Outersloth.

“Sure, we could hire a bunch of people, but we want to stay small. Outersloth’s goal is to make more games by funding people who like making games with each other.”

Mars First Logistics
Image credit: Shape Shop

In addition to news about Outersloth, this evening also gave us a look at the upcoming Among Us animated series.

This series is “coming soon”, and features the vocal talents of The Lord of the Rings’ Elijah Wood, The Last of Us’ Ashley Johnson and Jurassic Park’s Wayne Knight.

You can check out a little teaser for the Among Us animation below.

Cover image for YouTube videoAmong Us Animated Series 🚀 Title Trailer
Among Us Animated Series 🚀 Title Trailer.Watch on YouTube

Elsewhere this evening, Lego Horizon Adventures was also announced. This game promises a “playful and light-hearted” take on Guerrilla’s franchise.

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