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Why do gamers prefer retro when games are getting better and better and big titles are coming out every year?

I don’t know if the brothers are aware of a problem, obviously the technology of games is more and more advanced nowadays, but we are more of a cold-eyed onlooker to the current emerging online hit games? Why is it that new games with diverse gameplay are not well received, while retro games are repeatedly becoming a hit. People often use the term “e-Yangwei” when talking about this issue, but in fact all emotions are traceable, including the change of attitude towards games.

Looking back at the history of popular games in recent years it is easy to see that all games have evolved towards a fast pace. At the beginning we were keen on traditional MMO games and loved the feeling of meeting and getting to know all kinds of players in the game, then fast-paced moba games came in strong, with its excellent confrontation and the extraordinary pace of the game at that time was refreshing, there were a lot of big hits at that time, Dota, Starcraft and LOL which is still the top of the online games. The biggest selling point of these games at the time was their fast pace.

This trend is still going on, 16 you that in the major platform explosion of chicken is on the basis of moba continue to press the accelerated button of the game, ultra-fast competitive experience allows players to harvest a lot of pleasure in a very short time. Although PUBG did not replace LOL as the hottest online game in the end, the “chicken craze” created by PUBG is still heating up and has gradually stabilized into a mature segment, with various chicken games popping up all over the place, which shows that the chicken model is still very top for game makers, and also side It shows that players are recognising the chicken eating mode.

But this is not the final version of fast-paced gaming, as the mainstream market still seems to be dissatisfied with fast games like chicken, and there are even faster games such as “party games”. Goose and Duck and Eggman’s Party are all examples of this type of game. With such an environment, many game makers have wondered if the gaming market is really going to be a fast-paced one after all. Is there no longer a market for traditional MMOs? The answer is yes, there is no market for traditional MMOs, because the majority of the gaming market is young people, and young people like to pursue excitement. They have ignored the demands of middle-aged players.

Unlike young people, middle-aged people are more interested in the memories of the game, the storytelling of the game and the sense of sentiment of the game. What players enjoy is not the thrill of the final victory or defeat, but the shock of a thousand people fighting on the same screen, the experience of fighting alongside brothers and the memories that come after entering the game. It’s not the thrill of the final victory that players seem to enjoy, but the feeling of a thousand people fighting on the same screen, the experience of fighting with brothers and the memories that come with entering the game. This is why Primal Legends is so popular among older players, but as mentioned above, the main demographic is youth rather than middle-aged.

So although the original saga is highly sought after, it has not had a good path in recent years. From the days when it was all the rage in cyber cafes to the time when it faded. It is said that the game’s production company wanted to give up on the game at one point, but in view of the fact that it was a clean slate for countless players, it finally gritted its teeth and persevered, and players were moved to continue their support. The result of this two-way run is that the original legend has gained a large number of loyal players, and this experience has added a touch of legend to the original legend.

I’ve heard that Primal Legends has recently recruited the equally legendary Alan Tam as a spokesperson, so this is a brilliant linkage. As one of the leading MMO games, I hope the original Legend will continue to be a hit and give many old timers a place to reminisce about the past!

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