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Tomorrow’s Ark One year since landing! A brief review of the strength of the horn and suggestions for extraction

The first anniversary of the Horn’s landing, this time the Horn can be extracted, while the Horn also lost the Abyssal Action Highlight, just to do a brief review. The main line pool is not replicated so the extraction suggestions are also for the [Echoes of the Road Ahead] card pool.Preliminary conclusions.

(1) the horn today lost the abyssal action highlight, become contract no crown cadre, so the high difficulty strength will be adjusted down to the lower side of the mega cup, of course, because the horn in the meat pigeon, preservation of the highlight of the actual strength is still set at the middle of the mega cup is perfectly fine.

(2) the main advantage of the horn for the hand long true group attack, the daily core skills a skill, the main relief hand hanging, meat pigeon with the appropriate collection after a skill strength oddly high; difficult core skills three skills, 6w8 total injury dueling technology, suitable for the abduction, breaking armor line is slightly lower so the abyssal highlight was optimized; two skills colder only need the horn blocking time to use;.

(3) [the road ahead echo] extraction advice: in order to ensure that the conditions of the anniversary limited, three short of three or three short of two have Qin Liu can draw (Qin Liu cast front potential is not a loss).

panel, talent.

The first time I saw the same template, I was able to prove that the horn was strong and not the fortress. The biggest problem with the fortress template is that long-range attacks only cause ranged damage (splash radius 1.0), melee because of the long interval between attacks, resulting in a single attack is very weak, the second skill of the horn can make up for the problem of melee weakness, one, three skills are still melee weakness. The horn with the second talent typical of high blood and high defense, total equivalent blood over 5051, defense cap of 750, not considered brittle. The Horn template is still destined to perform mainly long-range output. The panel attack of the horn is 1036, with the talent of normal attack up to 1274, enough to clear the miscellaneous, but deal with elite monsters or scrape; blood war plus attack speed for the three skills into obvious, for one or two skills into not obvious. The horn first talent to give very generous, as a heavy inflection strength is very high, second only to the year, especially adapted to the plug mother, flawed light, mud rock, at least compared to the star bear talent buckle whoosh value much better.

One skill.Brief comment: horn daily core skills, the skill in the hanging skills have 3568 high broken armor line, multiplier oddly high, with the high white value of the horn in the hanging has the highest strength. The average DPS of the ignition cup strong, true group attack is as high as 905, the main advantage for the hand long (under the condition of blood battle), but encounter high armor enemy decay is still obvious. The skill itself has a high multiplier, so it has a high rate of abduction, and is very suitable for the Meat Pigeon and the Preservation Collection, especially the Meat Pigeon Reload Collection, which is very generous with the Reload attribute, so the skill has a very strong play in the Meat Pigeon and is also a strong card in the Preservation Collection. The specialization is very strong and will definitely be a specialization of three.

The following is a reference to the strength of the hanging machine, but of course, there is a gap between the frequency of use of the hand and the hanging machine, and the hanging machine is mostly used by the old cadres with lower practice, so it is also just for reference. The horn then wait until after entering the shop hanging machine use should be more frequent:.

Second skill.Brief comment: the skill actually strength is relatively general, compared to a three skills in addition to part of the quick brush or the need to close blocking situation, and no obvious high light moment. The skill in the meat pigeon can deal with close situations, turn back faster, but also to hit the burst of damage, for the meat pigeon in the need to horn blocking situation (such as falling duck slope). The skill breaks the armor line 3058, total damage 34406, are true group damage, use wait until the start of the overload off more common, can cause 19114 instantaneous total damage (15291 physical total damage + 3823 spell total damage), often play meat pigeons can consider special three, do not play meat pigeons with not much.

Three skills.The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things. It has a decent true group attack total damage (68138), and is generally suitable for the Meat Pigeon collection. Because of the long hands in the meat pigeon to deal with the sea foam has obvious play, but many times need to overload (broken armor line 2725) in order to hit the damage, the abyssal action because of the lower broken armor line is tragically optimized. The skill is slightly more difficult to handle, and the overload time is sometimes difficult to allocate. It is recommended to specialise in three.

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