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Dark Souls Spells

Soul Arrow.A basic spell that shoots blue soul arrows.Soul arrows have a spell-like attack and are therefore quite effective against opponents with high resistance to physical properties such as iron armour and hardened scales.Powerful Soul Arrows.A higher level of the “Soul Arrow” spell, which shoots a more powerful dark blue soul arrow.It is required to learn this spell to be considered a fully-fledged wizard in the Dragon Academy of Pheim.Soul Arrow.A more powerful soul magic that shoots blue soul arrows.A magic that sacrifices speed to increase power. It is not easy to use as it is very vulnerable and is not used very often.

Powerful Soul Arrow.

A higher level of “Soul Arrow” magic.It can shoot a more powerful dark blue soul arrow.Although the disadvantages remain the same, it is powerful enough to make up for them and is therefore often used by some wizards.Tracking Soul Arrow.One of the spells created by Streed, the great wizard of ancient Tuolus. The blue soul arrows are fired and will track enemies everywhere and repel them.

Tracking Soul Arrow.

One of the spells created by Streed, the great wizard of Ancient Kingdom of Oras. A giant blue soul arrow that tracks enemies everywhere and repels them.

Blast.Although not powerful, it is released with such force that it causes the opponent to fall to the ground, not with the intention of damaging, but rather to kill the enemy.Much like a bluff, but it depends on how one uses it.Frankenstein’s Short Arrow.The wizards of the Franco-Immortals.The “Soul Arrow” is cast after a solo adjustment.

A short blue arrow of the soul.

Originally known as Fran magic, it is easy to learn and many people learn it.

Powerful flange arrows.One of the advanced magic spells of the “Flange Arrow”.It can shoot a more powerful blue soul arrow.This is a magic that was developed by the Elder of Crystallisation himself and entrusted to the head priest and signed in the name of his daughter Hazel.

Tracking Soul Block.The unique magic of “Big Hat” Logan, which allows him to shoot blue soul blocks with excellent tracking properties.

As souls are the source of life, it is only natural that they are attracted to life.

This magic gives a glimpse into the thirst for knowledge that Logan is.

Tracing the Soul Crystals.

A magic that has been further enhanced by the vast knowledge Logan has acquired in the God’s library. It shoots blue soul crystals that have excellent tracking properties. It is clear that soul, crystals and magic are very closely related.Swirling Soul Block.

One of the lost spells passed down from the Temple of the Undead, this spell continuously casts a blue soul block with tracking properties. This spell is difficult to dodge and can be useful against quicker foes.Reel Soul Block.This ancient magic, passed down in the sacred walled city of Salva, reels in the soul and releases it.

In Salva, magic was considered heretical and did not flourish.But the enthusiasm of the nameless has led to a number of achievements.

Sparkle of the soul.

One of the spells created by Stryder, the great magician of the ancient kingdom of Auras.

It emits a dazzling blue magical glow and penetrates the enemy.

Originally a dangerous spell whose power could backfire on the caster if used infrequently, Archmage Stryder further refined it.

A flash of soul.

Frozen with Es Loyes.This ancient spell has been lost.

The quick release of a weak soul to the side is used more to protect oneself than to cause damage to the enemy.Hail of Souls.A large blue chunk of soul is cas.Splits countlessly in the air and pours down.

Requires a high degree of agility and is not easy to use. One must consider who and where to use it.

Soul Sword.A magic spell that combines souls into a sword to deliver an attack.The power is concentrated in the hand at a single point and is wielded like a two-handed sword. Since it is similar to a sword technique, it is equally dangerous.Ancient Moonlight.

A magic spell that attacks with the shape of a sword made from the soul, based on the memories of the ancient sword in the depths of Mideel’s memory.

The attack will be accompanied by a wave of light.

It increases the power and speed of the attack by continuously assuming the stance before the attack.

The Ancient Sword can also be called Moonlight, but its appearance differs somewhat from the Moonlight of the White Dragon Heath.

That may be a more initial memory.

Soul Gun.

The unique magic of “Big Hat” Logan, which shoots a blue soul gun with the ability to penetrate.

It is a symbol of Logan’s strength in battle and is often referred to in the lore as a magic synonymous with him. It has been described as being as powerful as King Gwen’s thunderbolt.

Soul Crystal Gun.

A magic that has been further enhanced by the vast knowledge Logan has gained in the God’s library.

A blue soul crystalline lance that can shoot through and through.

A blue-white spell gun made sharper by crystallisation, it is as powerful as the weapons of the ancient kings.

Soul Shot.A spell that continuously casts a blue soul lance.

If it hits, it can be expected to do a great deal of damage. One of the spells adapted from this ancient art in the House of Meville.The starting point is simple, but its strength comes from that simplicity, provided, of course, that it can be used freely.Flood of Souls.A secret spell that gathers powerful souls and releases them. The trailing blue chunks of soul will pierce through the daredevil, dealing repeated damage.It is said to be an Andean legacy, as it seeks to track the enemy until they die.

Instant Freeze.

One of the spells left behind by the young magician Sarivan, before he left painting.

A fog that emits extremely cold temperatures. For him, born and bred in the painting, that cold land was a homeland that had to be abandoned.

Up to this point, he had not experienced loss.

The White Dragon Spits.

A spell created by Logan, who was consumed by Heath’s obsession, capable of spewing out the crystallised breath of the white dragon Heath.

“What is the purpose of the Great Hat in taking the skills of the ancient dragon, which is like a god, and making them his own, without the horrible effect of the spell of death?

Voice Transmission.

A spell that some wizards use as a joke, to make a sound from a distance and attract the attention of their enemies.

Although not a formal spell for wizards to learn, the effect of manipulating sound is quite versatile and can be used to great effect depending on the creativity of the user.


A spell used by the hidden wizards of Pheim’s Dragon Academy to completely silence all sounds made by the wielder.

The Dragon Academy is the true controller of Pheim, so it is only natural that it has this dark side.

Controlling the fall.

The magic used by the hidden wizards of Pheim’s Dragon Academy can reduce the damage of a fall and reduce the sound it makes.

Thanks to this magic and “silence,” the secret agents of Pheim are worth a great deal.

Invisible Body.

An ancient magic of the ruined kingdom of Urashiru, it allows the whole body to become almost transparent.

Although it can still be seen in order to avoid disappearing completely, it blends in with the surroundings as soon as you move, and is not likely to be easily detected by your opponents.


An ancient magic of the destroyed kingdom of Urashiru, it can repair currently equipped weapons and defences.

This magic is deeply rooted in Urashiru’s daily life and has many similarities to the “repairing powder of light”, which may provide a glimpse into their culture.

Shining Light.

An ancient spell of the ruined kingdom of Urashiru that emits light that illuminates the surrounding area.

It is a simple magic that emits light, but that is the mystery of Urashiru.

Until now, it has not been developed in Pheim.


The ancient magic of the destroyed kingdom of Urashiru, which allowed it to transform into an object that blended into its surroundings.

This is an invisible type of magic, not unlike the “invisible body”. If you can’t tell what you are going to transform into at the moment

If you cannot tell what you are transforming into at the moment, you are not considered to be a fully-fledged mimic.


The magic of one of the past Sealers of Little Lund, the Red Robe Oracle, which slows down bleeding and the accumulation of all toxins, and removes all poisoning.

One of the healing spells unique to Little Lund, she may have given up her sealing duties in order to use her healing magic in the Sick Village.


Known as the “Holy Hand of Healing”, the magic of Little Lund’s sealer, the red-robed Ingold, slows the accumulation of curses.

A horrible curse of death that continues to eat away at the root of the cursed person.

This spell is one of the few means of resisting the curse and driving it away.

Release Magic.

It allows the magical power that fills the body to increase beyond its limits, at the cost of a significant reduction in one’s life.

There are several byproducts of the terrible acts performed by the Andeer, but they all deviate from the norm.

Spell weapons.

A spell used by sword wizards to strengthen their right-hand weapons with spells.

This magic is the same as “Spell Shield,”

are the two mainstays of the power of the Pheim spell swordsman, and there are few warriors who have learned magic for these two purposes alone.

Powerful spell weapons.

The higher level of magic, “Spell Weapon”.

This is a high level spell that strengthens the hand weapon with spells.

Because of the power it gives to all weapons, it is only taught to spellcasters in the Dragon Academy in Pheim.

Crystallisation Weapon.

A crystallisation spell that can significantly strengthen a right-handed weapon.

Logan’s attempts to use crystallisation as a medium to bring the soul and the weapon closer together have been successful and he has become an authority on new knowledge.

Cold Weapon.

The ability to imbue the right hand weapon with a chilling aura.

For him, who was born and bred in painting.

that cold land was a homeland that had to be abandoned.

So far, he has not experienced loss.

The Invisible Weapon.

An ancient magic of the ruined kingdom of Urashiru, which makes the right hand weapon transparent.

This does not simply strengthen the weapon, the effect depends on how the wielder uses it. The magic of Urashiru is very good at using light, as evidenced by this spell.

The spell used by sword wizards strengthens the shield of the left hand with a spell.

The spell-enhanced shield is resistant to spell-like attacks and can withstand attacks much better, so it can even be used as a small shield to challenge powerful enemies.

Powerful spell shields.

“A higher level of Spell Shield, which strengthens the shield on the left hand with spells.

This spell, like “Powerful Spell Weapon”, is only taught to spell swordsmen on a mission.

It temporarily gives the shield the strength of a large shield.

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