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Blizzard games cool off, 2 official releases in a row, Hearthstone Legend moved out of Asian Games

If players were holding out hope that Blizzard Family Barrel would soon reopen when it was first shut down, that hope has become increasingly remote now, as more and more news is proving that there is no chance of the Blizzard Family Barrel returning anytime soon.Two important pieces of news have recently emerged from the gaming world, and all of them are official announcements, and the emergence of these two pieces of news means that Blizzard games are cool.

One, the new rules for online games clarify the relationship between the game’s version number and the opening of the service.

Before the game version number has been very difficult to get, so some domestic agents will choose to open the public test first, and then slowly take the version number. Some games have even been operating for 5 years without a license number.

With the new rules of the game, game dealers can no longer use the free public test to bypass the game version, which also makes it more difficult to reopen the Blizzard family barrel.

To take the simplest example: before the new rules, a new agent could have just signed up and opened the game for free for a few months to stabilise its popularity. After the new rules come out, if you want to open a game, you have to get a license number, and if you can’t get a license number, then even if you sign a contract, it doesn’t mean anything.

Of course there is a possibility that a stronger company could take over and easily take the Blizzard family’s version, but the second news emerges that the Blizzard family’s influence has dropped significantly.

Secondly, Hearthstone Legend was moved out of the Asian Games project.

Thanks to the efforts of the former agent, Hearthstone Legends became one of the Asian Games events, which was definitely a major boon for the gaming community, however with the closure of Blizzard Family Bucket, the Asian Games officials have also released their latest announcement.

According to the announcement, it was decided to cancel the Legend of Hearthstone event after a meeting, which means that there will be no Legend of Hearthstone at the 19th Asian Games.

Many players may think that the Blizzard family barrel national service has been closed, to move the “Hearthstone Legend” out of the Asian Games is also something that should be done, however the 19th Asian Games will be held from September 23 to October 8, 2023, since the announcement of the removal of the “Hearthstone Legend” project at this time, then it also means that the Blizzard family barrel can not return until the end of the Asian Games.

It was previously revealed that a new agent for the national service had been confirmed and was thought to be open in the third or fourth quarter, however, from all accounts, the Blizzard Family Bucket may not even be open in 2023.

Both news are official and confirmed news, and the official release is obviously more reliable than the uncle party’s revelations, so we have reason to believe that Blizzard games have cooled off.

From the moment the national service was announced to be closed, Activision Blizzard has completely lost its reputation in the gaming community, and even if some gamers think the Blizzard Family Bucket IP has value, they need to consider whether that value can override ideology.

For the Blizzard family of games, there is only one possibility left, and that is for Microsoft to come to the gaming sector as Microsoft after it completes its acquisition, because after all, the Blizzard model of looking for “wage earners” has become obsolete.

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