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DNF: May Day Labor Day Gift Pack Explosion, is this the attribute you want? 3 skills coming!

DNF national experience service in accordance with the usual comprehensive ushered in the May 1 version of the content update, which has a variety of May 1 exclusive activities, kryptonite content, and May 1 exclusive copy and other content in addition to the national service promised January a three sense of content, all will be on line in the May 1 version.The above content is certainly the update content that many players are seeking, but all players priority note the highest that is naturally the May Day Labor Day gift bag. The first of these is the first time that the company has been able to get a new product. So what’s this year’s May Day pack like? Let’s take a look!

May Day gift packs are coming.

The end of April is also on time to the May Day version of the content, and this version of the period, the most players are concerned about this May Day gift bag: that is, the early summer of 2021 plowing gift bag. The contents of this edition of the gift pack are similar to the previous ones as a whole, but of course this is to account for the fact that subsequent updates to this year’s level 100 version will be added to the gift pack.

The entire content of the gift pack revolves around what exactly the attributes of the title are, is it the same as the content of previous gift packs? Increase the BUFF level? Because a lot of players, whether they are starting small or many new players joining the game, have a problem with passive skills not being able to stack to their current level 20 (full level is 20). Then there is a great need for this issue of the gift pack, which is why it is expected.

So here’s a brief but comprehensive look at the May Day packs!

01 Fashion appearance.

Let’s start with the look. The overall appearance of all the professions tends to be the same, with two colours and two types of composition, the two colours being gold and blue as the main colours to match, and the hair being gold mixed with yellow. The types are also clearly visible, one holding a large shield and the other empty-handed. This design is mainly for different players with different needs.

In addition to the normal appearance of the above professions, there is also a supreme dress for male and female Ghost Swordsmen. The overall look is just average, not as good as the artifact dresses, so just ignore it.

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things.

02 May Day Gift Pack Contents.

Each May Day gift pack will have a set of fixed prop rewards, which is the reward content of the above chart. We can see that the above reward content is divided into two kinds, one is tradable one is account bound.

So we can determine that the May Day gift bag can just use which occupation to buy, do not need to change occupation, just open the box when you need to pay attention to these details on the line.

The details will not be mentioned, the content of the gift bag is not too different from the past, there are fashion, title, and 3 skills title and enchanted treasure beads, etc.

03 May Day titles.

There are 4 titles, corresponding to Light/Ice/Fire/Dark (appearance only), with exactly the same attributes: +1 for skills from level 15 to 35. all other attributes are regular.

The important thing is that the title can be enchanted using the May Day event enchanting pearl, which randomly selects a +1~2 skill from the 15~70 level skills, or using the “advanced” event enchanting pearl, which randomly selects a 2 skill from the 15~70 level skills.

Whether or not you can get the one you want depends on your fate.

04 Shortcut bar equipment.

The quick bar equipment is also a very special and powerful part of the equipment. Mainly this prop property is not particularly strong, but the prop does not occupy any equipment bar, so it is also very strong equipment, so the player must choose the best to wear.

This time, the May Day Labor Day quick bar equipment compared to the previous difference is not much, or add three attacks and four dimensions only. The only difference is that you can automatically use the secret potion function of the roar of the fighting gods in the dungeon. The only difference is the ability to use the secret potion automatically in dungeons. This feature is for the big boys, but regular players can manually choose which room to use it in. In most cases, you don’t need to use the God of War potion.

05 Pets In the past, May Day packs have never featured pets, but this year it is indeed different. If you buy enough of these packs, you’ll get a Supreme Pet, which really isn’t that great for a C-position profession, but for a milk, the boost is huge. After all, the most core buffs of milk are under level 50. And, even if you do dress up, it doesn’t affect the use of Spring Festival pets.

Therefore, this wave can be completely sure to give milk out of the set.

The actual pet is the one that is going to be the most important thing that you can do. All are chosen at random.

06 Aura There is nothing to say about the aura, it is optional and completely makes up the numbers. If the player likes the aura they can take it as a collector’s item. If they don’t like it, they can take it and sell it.

The rest is not particularly important. There’s not much more to say here.

The more you buy, the more you send, once was the exclusive annual set, but with the development of the version, and players are buying more and more, but also generated a variety of needs, including the May Day Labor Day gift bag is.

The first time you buy, until you buy 7 sets of May Day gift packs, there will be a variety of props to give. But when you buy the seventh set and above, you will only be gifted with the Nine Heavenly Knights treasure mystery gift box.

So the big guy who has the financial ability to come with a plan is the best choice.

The other things are the damage figures, the background screen of the character of choice, not to elaborate, after all, is not the core content of this gift pack, are considered an “accessory”.

The above is the core content of the May Day gift pack, are these the props you want?

Summary The May Day version is ready and will come to the official national service on April 22.

I suggest that you must think twice, no financial strength to say nothing, have the financial strength to consider whether you want to really practice milk, or just simply want to buy a few sets of fashion for their account under the profession!

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