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The Happy Dragon Cart of the World of Odd Hunt

After 6 days of play, 25 hours of play, and a strong defense set, I feel like I should be at the top of the food chain in the lower world. The main thread was “find the female fire dragon? so I took up the female fire dragon investigation mission, and so began a happy day. Oh yeah, I took the quest for the female fire dragon because once I stole the dragon’s egg, I didn’t have to go looking for her, she would fly over on her own, which was nice and saved me the trouble of running around the map.

Why is this a happy day? Because the female fire dragon seemed to have found a way to beat me, yes you read that right, yes the female fire dragon found a way to beat me, so I had a happy bouncy day for almost an hour, she dragoned once, I took off once, once she dragoned 7 times in a row, 7 times, oh my god, why can I see 7 times, because she hit me 2 times in a row and hit my cat 5 times, so I could count to 7, before that, I went down after being hit by her 4 times in a row, then saw her come at my corpse 2 more times. I’ll admit I’m not a GP at shield axe, but I’m basically good at everything else. I remember yesterday, when I first started the fight, I was so full of ambition, stating that it was simple and easy, and when I waited for her dragon cart to stop and was about to go up to fill in, she did it again, then another dragon cart, and if I was close enough, would fly up into the air and give me a poison claw, and then I catapulted. I thought, no, that wasn’t the case before, then proceeded to get catted twice in a row by those same two moves and saw the mission fail straight away. I was a big brother in the lower world, how can I be so defeated, so I took her investigation mission again, and she fought to the end, so there is this “happy dragon car”, really, to the next few hunting, really no other skills, all the dragon car, I was close to the dragon car, far away from the dragon car, so that I ended up fighting her is a dragon car. The reason why I ended up playing her is, steal two knives, raise shield, steal two knives, raise shield, brush red shield, and then this repeatedly. I can say that my car was bewildered.

Then again, it was a long day’s play, hitting the extinct dragon, and also successfully crusading for the extinct dragon twice, once at first sight a cat, the second time two cats, and I have to say holding up the red shield is really secure (can’t GP the remnants). Then went to the processing room to strengthen the equipment, after all, looked at the equipment, self feeling that the upper suit to be stronger than the defensive set. Then I saw a suit with concentration and wanted to make it, took a look and had to fight a burst hammer dragon, thought, I’ve even defeated an exterminator dragon, no reason to be afraid of you. So off I went to prepare to capture it, and then again I just got hammered by the explosive hammer dragon. Really it shrunk into a yo-yo shape and banged around in my computer screen like a bowling ball, output, laughing, I was so banged up I didn’t even dare put up my defence, and that headbutt, oh my god, slap that one, then take a dragon cart, as soon as you hit it, it’s dizzy, then another dragon cart, it’s cat, the GP succeeded once in the meantime, then it was cat, so I proceeded to hold my defence again and not let go. Eventually, thankfully, it switched zones and went to sleep after catting me a second time, capturing it with a trap of justice. It also taught me the lesson to mess less with monsters with red eyes.

This time, there’s not much to analyze, but there is one interesting point, as far as I feel Capcom definitely knew that the level to stop the Molten Mountain Dragon and return it to the sea was great, so there was a “nostalgic sunset” and you can do it twice in a row, but that’s my opinion now, if you look at the game when it first came out, it would have been a It’s the only quest for the Molten Mountain Dragon material, a place for players to brush up before moving up to the top. But the fun is that now that I have the defense set, I don’t have to brush it, and then I went and looked at it exactly the same, I thought that if I ever made a level that awesome, I would definitely want to show players more of it.

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