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You can play on your mobile phone too! 10 explosive and cool meat pigeon games that you just can’t stop playing

In recent years, the quality of independent games is getting higher and higher, and the most popular and mature of them are the meat pigeon games, in order to let more players can feel the charm of such games, many manufacturers choose to synchronize their works to the mobile platform. In this issue, we present 10 of the best pigeon games that you can play on your mobile phone. Each one of them is worth the amount of time you’ll invest in them and you simply won’t be able to stop playing them, so without further ado, let’s get started.

Rebirth Cells (Dead Cells) (IOS/Android).

Dead Cells is an action game with elements of action + Meat Pigeon + Galactic Castlevania. The game uses triple rendering to build the pixel style graphics, making a grainy pixel style but with a lot of fine dynamic details. The game has a strong sense of refinement despite the pixel graphics, thanks to the excellent colour palette and scene design.

But this refinement is not just pleasing to the eye, it permeates every aspect of the game, from the arrangement of the scenes to the design of the character’s movements during interaction. Every aspect of the game is not wasted, and the developers have given them additional ‘tasks’. They either build up suspense, add questions, or add atmosphere. All aspects of the game are presented without dragging, and the world view and narrative are highly integrated into the gameplay. The game’s overall feel and plausibility is greatly enhanced, and the player is given a strong incentive to repeat the challenge. The more you play, the more you can’t stop. It’s a brilliant design, I must say. So don’t miss this one.

Warm Snow (IOS/Android).

This is a dark martial arts style action meat pigeon game. In addition to that it also incorporates Cthulhu elements. In the world of Warm Snow, under the Dragon Emperor, the four great clans are in charge of this human race. One year, however, the world is suddenly blessed with warm snow, but this “warm snow” brings both beauty and pestilence, turning people into monsters. But the killer who wants to rid the people of the plague is already on his way.

Visually, Warm Snow is a game with a very oriental martial arts flavour. The snow-capped people are in a very beautiful post-apocalyptic sense of Eastern culture. And on top of that, the addition of the Cthulhu element is quite a creative touch. As enemies, the four great family leaders, whether they are pigs or cranes, they are all brutal and violent, very oppressive. This combination of writing and oppression, the grotesque and the beautiful, brings a strong sense of freshness both visually and in the world view. Paired with an excellent handling feel, this is also a very supportive experience.

Gunfire Reborn (IOS/Android).

This is a FPS game of meat and pigeons, with low polygon style 3d cartoon graphics and an angular approach to graphics presentation that is quite unique. The initial enemies we have to face are all soldiers such as stone men in terracotta form. The player has to use the terrain and skills to destroy the enemies and protect himself to the maximum extent in the scenario with some random elements. As you fight your way through the game, you’ll be able to get even better weapons by destroying enemies. The game has a wide range of weapons, including double guns, submachine guns, rocket launchers, sniper rifles, and the odd one like the shuriken, bow and arrow, and tangos. The guns all feel great in your hands. On top of that, the weapons you pick up, even if they look the same, will have different attributes and phrases. The game is more of a No Man’s Land experience and also supports multiplayer team play. Up to 4 players can be supported. If you want an FPS meat pigeon game that supports multiplayer hacking and still shoots very comfortably, then this is the game for you.

20 Minutes Till Dawn (IOS/Android).

This is a Cthulhu-themed top-angle shooter meat pigeon game. In a pixelated style, the player has to fight off a tidal wave of enemies in a dark cave, who come from all directions and try to block the dead ends where they can escape. I have to say that the game is very tightly paced with limited visual range. The game is also designed to pick up experience points, so you need to plan your route in order to balance the strength of your enemies with the speed of your progression. Gradually, as you level up and gain stronger abilities, a variety of multi-dimensional attacks between long-range and melee, ranged attacks and magic attacks will stack up as you level up. The game will move from a fight-and-run state of survival to a more enjoyable kill-as-many-as-I-can. Players can combine them as they see fit. The result is a multi-stacked state that is very addictive.

Juicy Realm (IOS/Android).

Over the centuries we have heard stories of countless species of animals trying to overthrow the dominance of humans and climb to the top of the biological chain, but have you ever thought that one day fruits will not be left out and start a crusade against humans? Land of Bad Fruit is one such pigeon shooter.

Because of a meteorite, the fruits of the world have been given life and the ability to fight back, and naturally all we have to do is to take up arms and defeat them. I think you get the idea from the bright and cute graphics. If you want a meat pigeon game that girls can play, then Land of the Wicked Fruits will be perfect for you. Lush forests, golden and golden deserts, snow-covered ice fields and more. Each scene has a distinctive theme, while at the same time bringing out its own character. The overall cuteness and casualness of the game is maintained. However, don’t underestimate the difficulty of this game, as the casual atmosphere is not the only thing that makes it relatively hardcore. Each level boss is no less challenging. From the first shot you take, you’ll see that underneath the casual, relaxed look, this game is a blast to play.

Neon Abyss: Infinity (IOS/Android).

This is a cyberpunk style dungeon meat pigeon of a crossover shooter. I should say that the cyberpunk theme is quite well interpreted in this game, both in the context of the protagonist working as an agent for the Titan Corporation. The game is also a good example of the paper-thin atmosphere of the bar that serves as the base for the game. The game has a bit of an alloy slug feel to it, especially when the protagonist pulls out a dagger and fights in close quarters or slashes through boxes, but it’s much more exciting than alloy slug when you really play it, whether it’s the long, long pet eggs that follow the protagonist or the various spring-loaded jumping platforms in the scenes that allow the player to go up and down. Or the various weapons and equipment that the player collects in the course of battle that can be stacked together. The game’s gorgeous special effects pop-ups are a great way to showcase the game’s gorgeous gameplay. For those who like the anti-utopian tone of the cyberpunk world, look no further.

Bit Squad (BIT) (IOS/Android).

Produced and published by kunpo, who have developed titles such as Kung Fu Granny and Toy Story League, Bit Squad is a top down shooter meat pigeon game.

If Land of Bad Fruit is a cuter meat pigeon shooter, then Bit Squad has a bit more of a sub-forward flavour. The story of Bit Squad is set in a world of multiple parallel universes, where Dr. Mad, who has mastered the technology of the parallel universes, is kidnapped by a mysterious boss, and Dr. Mad’s friends, who come from different universes and therefore have very contrasting identities and characteristics, come to the rescue as players’ optional characters, which naturally ensures a diverse gaming experience They are available to the player as characters, which ensures a diverse experience.

It’s worth mentioning that the world is basically made up of various styles of cubes, which is a little bit techy, but not cold or boring. Some of the system mechanics are designed with quite a lot of detail. The game also supports auto-aim, and in the face of the insane barrage of bullets, players just need to focus on ammo levels and positioning while firing. The character design is also cartoonish and exaggerated, so you could say that children will feel like watching a children’s cartoon. Adults will also find it particularly childish. Recommended

Night of Full Moon (IOS/Android).

This is a dark fairy tale style card game with meat pigeons. It is also the only one among the recommended games to be played on a vertical screen. The game is set in the story of Little Red Riding Hood and the player needs to play as Little Red Riding Hood to explore the secrets of the Dark Forest and get his grandmother back. Characters such as werewolves and hunters related to the story of Little Red Riding Hood also make an appearance. The game has a good amount of plot content laid out. Again, it is an addictive game. The overall difficulty is also quite approachable and falls into the genre of card games that are addictive on a casual level. Try it if you like the genre.

Ancient Fire (Prime of Flames) (Android).

This is a wargame meat and pigeon game. The ancient world is a pristine but beautiful place, but the plagues that have befallen the various tribes have left their homes devastated and coincided with the demonic beast Stellar. To protect your people, as a guide, you will lead the brave on a quest to find the truth about the lost history of the ancestors and the source of the plagues. The graphics are very good as the creator is from an art background. The art style looks very comfortable and the game itself, although a wargame, is not tainted with the hardcore complexity of early wargames and is very easy to pick up, both in terms of action and difficulty. If you like beast ears and enjoy wargames, don’t miss this.

Slay the spire (IOS/Android).

A masterpiece that should never be missed by pigeon gamers, and one that countless similar games have copied, but most of those who come after can only learn from its form, but not its spirit. Killing Spire’s excellence has been somewhat lost on where to begin. The game’s balance is unimpeachable, and the design of the game’s genre is very deep. The game’s action and combat feel have been brought to the forefront without much investment in art resources or complex operational design. This is due to the unique understanding of the game and the careful and meticulous polishing of every single detail. It’s also a great example of the “iceberg theory” I mentioned at the beginning of this video. If you’ve played Pigeon in all its forms but not this one, then trust me, Slay the Spire is the one that really shows you what a Pigeon game is all about.

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