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In addition to sexy robots, Atomic Heart also created the most flirty refrigerator in the history of the game

When players gathered their eyes on the dimpled female robots in the promotional video of Atomic Heart, no one would have thought that the hottest thing after the game’s release would be the game’s slut-filled refrigerator.Even before the game’s release, Atomic Heart caught the attention of the gamer community. The game was so unique, set in the Soviet Union, with a Soviet aesthetic rare in gaming, a rather niche atomic punk art style, and developed by mundfish, a Russian game studio, and this was the studio’s first attempt at such a huge game project.

Either way, Atomic Heart offers enough to talk about, and that in-depth, more serious content aside, the game also featured a relatively simple and straightforward element of adrenaline rush in its pre-release promo – the twin robots with the front and back.

Masahiro Mori, a renowned Japanese robotics expert, theorised in the 1970s that when robots reach a certain level of resemblance to humans, human reactions to them suddenly become extremely negative and repulsive, even if the robots are only slightly different from humans, but as the level of resemblance continues to rise or fall, people’s feelings towards them become positive. This is the famous Valley of Terror theory.

The twin robots of Atomic Heart are one such idea. There are many robots in the game, but while the common, doll-like robots with eyes, nose and mouth become horrific killing machines, the twin robots, which were created to show off femininity, simply leave the face alone and focus on the curves of the female figure and the agility of the dance. The robot’s face is not even done.

Some parts are even recreated one-to-one, and given the pragmatic style of Soviet technology, one wonders if Twin also has the ability to nurture robots.

The game proves that the body is more important than the face, and after the launch of the game’s promo, the twin robots became an instant hit, and the internet was flooded with works of the twin robots and even cosplays by famous cosplayers, only some of which barely pass muster below.

The developers have even registered an ins account for the twin robots and created a plethora of beautiful photoshop-style images.

No matter how you look at it, it’s just two tin cans without faces, but the curves, the perfect proportions …… were even rumoured before the game’s release that it would have a whopping six hours of sesame content.

Of course, this was just a rumor, after all, even Butter doesn’t have a proper dish that long.

However, the developers did have a little something to spice things up from the beginning to the end. Apart from the sexy twin robots, the repair station – aka the electric refrigerator – that is responsible for upgrading the player’s equipment is in a sense even more colourful bird than the twin robots.

From the outside alone, this electric fridge is a red tin box with an interactive LED panel hanging on the outside and a bunch of mechanical tentacles hidden inside, arguably unrelated to shibari.

However, underneath the icy exterior is a very sassy AI, Nora, built in. This AI with a female voice, who wants to play bondage play with the player on first encounter, is always able to describe the otherwise normal upgrade crafting process in indescribable terms when serving the player.

It is clear that Nora is not at all the same concept as today’s ChatGPT; not only is she not as calm as a robot, but her conversational style is also somewhat tainted by niche fetishes.

Nora even initiates an NTR scene, if Yun-Yuji doesn’t tell you that by “letting off steam” she means killing someone.

Not only are the lines touching, but the voice actors in each language also work very hard, with panting throughout the dialogue and the imperious voice raising the seductive level of the lines even more than many asmr.

And after comparing the dubs in Spanish, English, Russian and other languages, the most colourful version is the Chinese and French dubs, which you can search for yourself if you’re interested, but be aware that when listening, please wear headphones and make sure no one else is around, if there are people you care about in the world.

Incidentally, judging by the voice, the voice of the fridge is the same as the voice of the female version of Cyberpunk 2077’s V, both by Ms. Zhang Qi. So if you played 2077 before Atomic Heart and played as the female version of V, then you have achieved the “I tease myself” achievement.

Of course, some of this bad press is due to the fact that Atomic Heart is a Russian game and the main character is a Russian.

However, in a European and American gaming community where there are disputes over the number of black people in the game, the presence of transgender people and whether the protagonist is non-binary, it is only natural that the testosterone-filled nature of Atomic Heart would make some gamers uncomfortable.

Interestingly, before the game’s release, there was also criticism that the female robot characters in Atomic Heart were too sexy, but nowadays a number of homoerotic drawings of twin robots have appeared online.

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