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EVE rich class frigate selection recommended, PVE so with equipment, no longer afraid of big brother

The most powerful battleship in the world of EVE is the most powerful, no one can say, but to say which battleship is the most suitable for defense, there is no doubt, is certainly the Regal-class frigate, this battleship can be said to be a number of frigates inside the hall of fame, especially the Emma Empire battleship, the general lack of scanning frigates, this battleship is simply a god-like existence, but this frigate how to But how does this frigate fit? That’s what we’ll be discussing today.

First of all, if you look at the attributes alone, you will certainly feel that the attributes of the Regal frigate is not strong, 1,072,000 mass, with a pathetic 400 cargo hold and 850 blood, completely insufficient for other warships, once the interstellar war encountered this thing, with the direct opposite is to send the head of no problem, not enough to see, but do not forget that it is a frigate, the purpose is mainly for the purpose of But don’t forget that it’s a frigate, the main purpose of which is to explore and protect the other main warships, so the situation is completely different.

And what is the main purpose of a frigate for? Not for interstellar warfare, and besides, interstellar warfare is probably not fast enough to send a Regal frigate to its death, because the frigate, as a light combat ship, generally acts as the defence of the entire fleet, such as escort, patrol and guard, etc. At this point, the advantages of the Regal class warships come to the fore, because how to say, the Regal class is still fast!

Of course, what we really want is the options, after all, in EVE, a good warship is one thing, will be optional, that is another thing, I personally think so, high slot on the scan probe emitter, considering the frigate is a defensive warship, it is best to bring radar and magnetic can, and the middle slot is cold gas arc propulsion, and low slot on the CPU, generator improvement, disconnector and For mods, I don’t think it matters, just bring the gravitational capacitor upgrade.

Of course, my set of combat options, is based on my operation as a mining group leader, because it is a very simple thing, I am focused on PVE, playing PVP is not very good, and can not give good recommendations, this way, but all players who are not particularly poor can find the relative needs of accessories, if you are poor, it does not matter, because as long as the basic things, like the high slot of the probe and low slot If you’re poor, it doesn’t matter, because if you take the basics, like the high-slotted probe and the low-slotted diagnostic system, you’ll be able to play PVE, but only if you don’t go up against the big guys with thick blood bars.

Because here, people may not see the positioning of the Regal class frigate, in fact, it is obvious to see that the Regal class exists to make up for the weakness of the Emma Empire in terms of equipment scanning, and considering that the Regal class battleship is a second class battleship, this means that the Regal class battleship is not suitable for combat at all, only good for short distance transport and exploration missions, because the cargo hold of this frigate and the speed is relatively fast, allowing it to have a more enhanced life for short-range transport and exploration.

So what if I have to take it to PVP, one might say? The answer is nothing, except that the speed you send may be much faster than we see, because this battleship is a frigate, its various attributes are not strong, once you encounter a point large warships and powerful units, people step on you and step on ants between the little difference, so, encounter the big boys, the bottom of the foot to run is the king.

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