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“Azure” has won, and these tough tricks are finally coming out! Firefist Azure’s grabbing tips

The 4.1 version of the Canyon Classic features a new skin, Azure, with flaming hair and comic book style effects, plus font effects for each E(3) skill and move, making this skin feel great!Love this skin but haven’t had much exposure to Azure before? The thoughtful editor is ready for you! As an extremely strong fielding hero, I’ll be explaining Azure’s skills in three areas: fielding, GANKing and team fighting.

Wilderness skills As a wilderness player with a big move at level 5, it’s important to quickly brush the wilderness to upgrade. The main tip is that Azure’s E(3) skill resets his attack, so it’s a good idea to use the AEA (A3A) attack sequence when swiping, which is also a great technique to deal damage in sparring.

The E(3) skill has AOE damage and resets your attack, but the range of the skill is a cone, so it’s important to keep the monsters in front of you to deal the full damage. It just so happens that Azure’s Q(1) skill can knock all the monsters back into a straight line, which is a useful trick when fighting the Beaked Bird, Shadow Wolf and Stone Beetle.

GANKING TIPS Due to the Q(1) skill’s ability to pass through walls, Azure has a wide range of GANK routes to choose from in the early stages. You can also use a Q(1) combo with your flash to attack from a distance.

Another key point when Ganking is the timing of the W(2) skill. If Azure can stack 5 levels of the W(2) skill’s passive effect and then actively release the skill, he can gain an explosive move bonus. This way, even if your Q(1) skill and move are both on cooldown, you can still chase after your enemies and punch them hard.

Tips: Azure’s E(3) skill deals ranged damage to the target and behind it, so if the enemy hero is hiding behind a minion during a GANK, you can still deal damage to the enemy hero by hitting the E(3) skill on the minion!

Group Battle Tips During a group battle, Azure usually plays the role of the front-runner and the “straight shooter”. However, when charging, it is important to be aware of your teammates’ ability to follow up in time, as it is not worth it if you are too aggressive and get caught in a firefight.

Here’s a tip: When Azure’s Q(1) skill is fully charged, it can still be charged for another 3 seconds. The summoner can use this 3 seconds to observe the situation and determine whether to use the Q(1) skill to attack or retreat. If you are in the enemy’s vision blind spot, this 3 seconds can also help your teammates to realize that a team battle is coming and follow up with a charge.

Another tip is that when Azure’s move locks on to its target, it is immune to controls during the charge and knocks back any enemies along the way. If the enemy is about to throw out control skills to limit themselves, then you can immediately open the big offset control, so that the enemy’s control skills are directly invalidated.

The above are just a few tips on how to play Azure well. Remember to take good notes and use your Blazing Flames to punch your enemies in the face!

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